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"Berceuses Des Fées"

Book + CD

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Release: 2009
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Various - Berceuses Des Fées Book + CD

First real book-CD in the "Prikosnovenie editions"-series. It's also the 3rd volume of the collection "La nuit des fées".

Discover a 36 pages book, richly illustrated by a tale and beautiful original drawings by Sabine Adelaide.

On the enclosed CD Prikosnovenie offers you 14 tracks (of which 10 completely unreleased!) by the label's best known artists. Prikosnovenie asked their artists to create a beautiful, sonic lullaby inspired by legends of their countries (Moldavia, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Greece...) with acoustic instruments.

The result is one of the most beautiful CDs ever on the label and a package, that is really outstandingly beautiful and original!
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Label's catalogue number:prik137
1.Idje Sen (Ann'sanat, Alizbar)
2.Uspavanke (Pinknruby)
3.Loibere Risen (Faun)
4.For Each And Every Child (Ashram)
5.Selene (Onde)
6.Cristina (Francesco Banchini)
7.Cumplean (Francesco Banchini)
8.Cretan-lullaby (Liliy Storm)
9.Sleep Baby Sleep (Caprice)
10.Ö Luna (Sarah Shayna, Crista Galli)
11.An Mouma (Omasphere)
12.Hypnosoneirathanatos (Daemonia Nymphe)
13.Alpha Du Centaure (Les Fragments De La Nuit)
14.Les Esprits De La Nature 'ouma' (Daniel Perret & Crista Galli)