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"Cantus 1: Pagan Mediaeval Folk"


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Release: 2010
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Various - Cantus 1: Pagan Mediaeval Folk CD

This compilation of songs called "Cantus" takes the wealth of facets from todays creative medieval/pagan/folk scene as an example and joins traditional songs with own compositions, new releases with established scene hits, to create a sonorous mosaic full of magic and fire, melancholy and exuberance.Cantus is presented by German Orkus Magazine and marks the start of a new series of compilations linked to the topic of medieval/ pagan/folk.
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InfraRot item number:2005.681
Label's catalogue number:LBR 010
1.Arcana · Parisal
2.Moon And The Nightspirit~The · Eg Felé
3.Eluveitie · Omnos
4.Saltatio Mortis · Ebenbild
5.Subway To Sally · Traum Vom Tod II
6.Schandmaul · Teufelsweib
7.Sava · Eilean
8.Els Berros De La Cort · Medieval
9.Corvus Corax · Bibit Aleum
10.Des Teufels Lockvögel · Rabenballade
11.Dunkelschön · Kristallen Den Fina
12.Faun · Egil Saga
13.Qntal · Palästinalied
14.Helium Vola · In Lichter Farbe Steht Der Wald (Lied Version)
15.Hexperos · Moon Spell
16.Neun Welten · Frosthauch