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"Castle Party 2019"



Release: January 2021
Status: Sold out
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Various - Castle Party 2019 CD

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1.Sólstafir -Scorpion Moonrise 4:17
2.Whispers In The Shadow -Detractors 2:45
3.Aeon Sable -Dancefloor Satellite (Radio Edit) 3:54
4.Aṣnia -This Love Is Dangerous 3:32
5.Schröttersburg -Dłonie 3:59
6.Solar Fake -Sick Of You 4:16
7.God Module -Cross My Heart 5:06
8.Dawn Of Ashes -Ahriman 4:21
9.Atari Teenage Riot -Reset (Radio Edit) 3:31
10.Merciful Nuns -Blue Lodge 4:05
11.Lord Of The Lost -Drag Me To Hell 4:00
12.Deathstars -All The Devil's Toys 3:58
13.Near Earth Orbit -Neuromancer 4:07
14.Ash Code -Flesh And Words 4:51
15.Cabaret Grey -Almost Frantic (Castle Party Edit) 3:46
16.The Devil & The Universe -Satanic (Don't) Panic 3:29
17.Forgotten -Sunrise Dusturn 3:21
18.Blitzkrieg -King Of The Castle 2019 3:57