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"Cryonica Tanz V.4"


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Release: 2006
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Various - Cryonica Tanz V.4 2CD

Diese Compilation präsentiert 30 bis dato unveröffentlichte und exklusive Songs diverser Newcomer, aber auch nahmhafter Bands aus dem Electro, EBM, Synthpop, Darkwave und Industrial Bereich.
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C-Drone-Defect · Adolescence (Re-edit)
Swarf · Not Enough (Chao-sphere Remix Edit)
Tactical Sekt · Not Going To Work That Way
Schattenschlag · Perverted Dreams (Heimataerde Mix)
Human Decay · Reduplication (Undercover Mix)
Mind:State · Shift
Unter Null · Sick Fuck (C-Drone-Defect Mix)
Grendel · Soilbleed (V.3)
Monochrome · Sold (Negative Format Mix)
Brainclaw · Strike
Leaether Strip · Suicide Bombers
Tekkno Orgasm · Tekkno Orgasm
Knifeladder · The Spectacle (Remix)
Spiritual Reality · The System (Tritoxin Mix)
Blue October · Nervous Energy (Tanz 4 Mix)
Ayria · My Revenge.. (Implant Mix)
Diskonnekted · After Einstein (Conetik Mix)
Interface · Age Of Computers
Infekktion · Black Ocean (Feat. Sero Overdose)
Agonoize · Chain Of Love (Edit)
Fiction 8 · Collide
Headscan · Dead Silver Sky
X-Fusion · Defiled & Raped
Militant Cheerleaders On The Move · Freaks (Pehr Herbs Remix)
O.V.N.I. · Help Me Out (Xpq-21 Mix)
Inertia · Higher (Tanz Mix)
P.N.E. · I.C.U (Ksarikaya Mix)
Urceus Exit · Metro (Shy Brothers Remix)
Thee Hyphen · My Only Obsession (Remix)
Octolab · Tv Spell