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"Decadance Vol. 1"


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Release: 2001
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Various - Decadance Vol. 1 CD

Unlike many samplers "Decadance Vol. 1" is a compilation that gathers some of the best exponents of the underground electro scene and offers exclusive and rare tracks by all involved! 15 tracks and 68 minutes of exclusive gothic & electro!
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1.Pulcher Femina · Burn My Chains (2001 Mix)
2.Evils Toy · Under The White Waves
3.Yavin 4 · Yavins Orbit
4.Kebabträume · Apathy (Radio Edit 2001)
5.Pleasure and Pain · A Voice
6.Davantage · Evening Black
7.Grendel · Grendel
8.BlackSun · Vortex
9.Nexus · Walking On Thin Ice
10.Ding An Sich · Fun (111 Mix)
11.Ashram · Entry Into The Ashram
12.Miriam · Scents
13.Womb · One Real Kiss
14.Artica · Fade Away
15.Militia Christi · Annus Domini