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"Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to cure Cancer Volume 3: Remission"


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Release: 2014
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Various - Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to cure Cancer Volume 3: Remission 4CD

Features 67 incredible tracks! Brand new and exclusive tracks from Combichrist, Aesthetic Perfection, 16 Volt, Hate Dept, Stromkern, Rein[Forced], Panic Lift, Ego Likeness, Left Spine Down, and many, many more!!

The Electronic Saviors Compilations have ...
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1.16 Volt · Ever Careful
2.Stromkern · Lightsout
3.Deathline International · In Den Staub
4.Dark Clan~The · A Final Elegant Turn
5.Hell:Sector · Saints Without A Halo
6.Assemblage 23 · Last Mistake (Dominatrix Remix)
7.Combichrist · From My Cold Dead Hands (Sirus Rmx)
8.Modern Weapons · Enemy
9.Null Device · Ashes
10.Velvet Acid Christ · Eternity (Vox Edit)
11.Caustic · Death By Stereo
12.Ludovico Technique · Dead Inside (Remix By Helltrash)
13.Lost Signal · Let It Come
14.Prude · Great Eraser (Caustic's Hummer Of The Gods Mix)
15.Anesthesiologists~The · It Never Ends
16.Attrition · Narcissist (Zero Corporation Remix)
17.Ivardensphere · Mother Of Crows (Club Mix)
18.Rein(forced) · Defeated
19.Gofight · The Funk
20.Interface · Fixation
21.Hate Dept. · Biggest Fan
22.Azoic~The · Let It All Go
23.Left Spine Down · Side Effect
24.Decoded Feedback · Death Pusher
25.XP8 · Night Run (Ducati Slow Jam By Informatik)
26.Stiff Valentine · Coke Ah Coal Ah
27.Ego Likeness · Sirens And Satellites (Cultural Tourist Mix) Panic Lift
28.Shutterdown · Best Revenge
29.Kevorkian Death Cycle · Mind Decay (Fgfc820 Remix)
30.Spider Lilies · Father Time
31.Angels On Acid · Wrath Of The Gods
32.Christ Analogue · Fused
33.Cynical Existence Feat. Logic Division · In A Perfect World
34.Battery Cage · Forever Never Ends (2013 Version)
35.genCAB · Siren Song (Quiet Mix By Panic Lift)
36.Am.Psych · Guns + Drugs
37.Mordacious · Terminal
38.Cesium:137 · Consequence (Crucible Mix)
39.Boxed Warning · Taggert Terminal
40.Inertia · Hang Around (Saviour Mix)
41.Clay People · Strange Day (More Machine Than Man Rmx) The Rain Within
42.Aesthetic Perfection · A Nice Place To Visit (Syndroid Remix)
43.Sonik Foundry · Under The Knife
44.Cryogen Second · Killing The Prophet (Mangadrive Remix)
45.Noir · Timephase (Inertia Remix)
46.Toxic Coma · Ready To Rock
47.I:scintilla Feat. Rein[forced] · Sins Of The Flesh
48.Cyanotic · Alternating Dilemmas
49.Hexrx Vs Blakopz · Terminal Monster
50.Mindless Faith · Minerals (Eroded Remix)
51.Bella Morte · The One Beside Me
52.Informatik · Deliverance
53.Plasmodium · Your Memories
54.Deathproof · Grimetown
55.More Machine Than Man · Stranger Than Fiction (Razed In Black Rmx)
56.Berlin Babylon · Night And Day (Es3 Mix)
57.Blank · Weak Machine (1.2 Rmx)
58.Sensuous Enemy · Take You Out
59.Chemlab · Chemical Halo (Burnt Demo Version)
60.Life Cried · This Isn't Happening (Worms Of The Earth Remix) Xiescive
61.XuberX · Ruin
62.Battery · Nevermore (Version 2.0)