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"Electronic Saviors IV"


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Release: 2016
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Various - Electronic Saviors IV 4CD

Promoter, DJ & musician Jim Semonik was diagnosed in 2008 with stage 2B colorectal cancer.

While fighting it, he created the beloved, massive Electronic Saviors industrial compilations, that have become since one of the most successful series in the Electro / Industrial scene worldwide!

This fourth volume continues the series where the bands, artists, and label donate 100% of their proceeds. This staggering industrial series has raised over $50,000 for Our Clubhouse & other Cancer organizations.
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InfraRot item number:9948.709
1.KMFDM · Make Love
2.Dark Clan · Fury
3.Ghostfeeder · Legacy
4.Panic Lift · Finally What You Wanted [Savior’S Extended Mix] Deathline Int.
5.Rein[Forced] Feat. Interface · Wasted Time
6.Seabound · When She’S Hungry [Wesenberg Rmx]
7.Deathproof · Deathtroopers
8.Mindless Faith · Monochrome
9.Binary Park · Silence Is Speaking [Infacted Rmx]
10.Iris · Rewired [Intuition’S Morning Star Mix]
11.More Machine Than Man · Darkstar
12.Suicide Commando · The Pain… [Orange Sector Rmx]
13.Massiv In Mensch · Hamburg [Traxxtor R3Werkk]
14.Rodney Anonymous · Plastic Soulmate
15.Eurasianeyes · Future Is Mine
16.Cenotype · Ardent Ex Profvndis
17.Stoneburner · Tlulaxa Flesh Merchant
18.Am.Psych · Halation
19.Blutengel · Nightlife [Fear In Motion Edit]
20.Ashbury Heights · Escape Velocity
21.Ego Likeness · Darkness [Out Out Rmx]
22.Ghost & Writer · Into Your Girl
23.Blownload · Hollywood Sunrise
24.Nolongerhuman · How This Felt
25.Shiv-R · Malediction [Save Your Prayers Mix]
26.Formalin · Above The Sun [Augmented]
27.Cyanotic · Coping Mechanisms [All Payne No Gain Mix]
28.Coldkill · Bravery
29.Am Tierpark · Climb To The Unknown
30.Inertia · Stormfront [All Hallows Mix]
31.K.p. Riot Brigade · Perfect Patient
32.Neuroactive · Impossible [Rmx]
33.Solitary Experiments · No Salvation [Restriction 9 Rmx]
34.Go Fight · Everybody Loves You
35.Interface · My Promise
36.En Esch · 12345 [Stoneburner Rmx]
37.Cancerface · Disease
38.Null Device · Never Let The Night Fall
39.Noir · The Burning Bridge [Exclusive Extended Mix]
40.Seeming · Beatlock
41.Spider Lilies · Marionette
42.Tenek · What Kind Of Friend [Republica Balkan Boogie Mix]
43.Dope Stars Inc. · Dressed Inside Your Fear [Sekul Mix]
44.Seven Trees · Going Down [Interlace Rmx]
45.Extrageist · So Pretty
46.Iioioioii · Face Them All [Dance Mix]
47.Caustic · Sacred Scars [Deep Cut Version]
48.Primitive Race · Falling Fear [Below Zero Version]
49.Cervello Elettronico Feat. Claus Larsen · Violent Skin
50.Black Volition · Rivers [Persistence Mix]
51.I:Scintilla · Dftd
52.Massive Ego · Out Of Line
53.Encephalon · Limb From Limb
54.Cable & Berdysz · Sound Surfing [Encoder Remix Feat. Tom Shear Of Assemblage 23]
55.The Rain Within · Soundwave
56.Information Society · Get Back [Deathproof Rmx]
57.Electrovot · Dagger Doll [Fch’S Super Club Rmx]
58.Bella Morte · Hunger
59.Solar Fake · All The Things You Say [Alt.version]
60.Hardcore Pong · Code-Thulu [Rmx By Obszön Geschöpf]
61.Psy’Aviah · Letting Go [Rool Rmx]
62.Society Burning · Memory
63.Hype Factor · Downtown China [Mr. Kitty Rmx]
64.Stiff Valentine · Ride The Whip
65.Decoded Feedback · How To Destroy A Planet [Agro Mix]
66.Slave Unit · 2 Sides
67.Leaether Strip · Can You Be Trusted?