InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann




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Release: April 2023
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Various - electropop.19 CD

01. alienare - human (paralyzed mix by avoid-a-void)02. anything box – dead stars (an eloquent pure vliss remix)03. austerity complex - mystery girl (extended mix)04. bernhard zimmermann - the life of casanova (extended version)05. birmingham electric - light of the world (mark reeder's illuminating mix)06. blaklight - isolation (quarantine extended mix)07. enter me - miracle (exclusive extended mix)08. even more - light (people theatre's grasp mix)09. fatigue - trapt (extended mix)10. floe - el tiempo cambiará (maxi)11. moda makina - enough! (anaqim extended mix)12. moderno - waves of light (extended mix)13. more - constant loop (extended version)
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