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"Endzeit Bunkertracks – Act 8"

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Release: February 2019
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Various - Endzeit Bunkertracks – Act 8 4CD

Over the last 15 years “Endzeit Bunkertracks” has established itself as the most successful and classic must-have compilation concepts on the dark electronic scene!

Well, ladies and gentlemen… our ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.[X]-Rx . Shut The F Up And Die
2.Komor Kommando . Music Is My Religion
3.[Sitd] . Cicatrix
4.H.o.w. . Happiness Imperative
5.Avarice In Audio Feat. Aesthetic Perfection . Amplify
6.C-Lekktor . Animals (Reactor7X Mix)
7.Alien Vampires . Bring On The Apocalypse
8.Aengeldust . Fucking Day
9.Diversant:13 . Helldiver
10.Diffuzion . Infection
11.Llumen . The Dark Inside Her Eyes (Bunker Edit)
12.First Aid 4 Souls . Cold Frozen Arts
13.Regenerator . Miracles (Bone Mix)
14.Studio-X . Asylum
15.Robots In Love . The Ravens
16.Mentallo & The Fixer . Giving In, Life & Limb
17.Chainreactor . Achieving Society (Eden Synthetic Corps Mix)
18.Wolfchild Feat. Viscera Drip . May God Be With You All
19.Kilmarth . La Ronde
20.Complex Mind . Dawn
21.Voltmeister . Mekanismo
22.Horskh . Strayed Away
23.M.o.d. . Under My Skin
24.Angelspit . Satanic Aesthetic (Endzeit Mix)
25.Synapsyche . Mirror Terror
26.Pre:emptive Strike 0.1 . Ex-Human Deform
27.Vested Serpent . The Dead
28.Hell:sector . Kill - Slaughter - Repeat
29.Larva . Me Odio
30.Disorder Faith . The Vamp
31.Dornbeat . Totems
32.Mildreda . Stories (Short Edit)
33.Crytek . Anathema (Acylum Mix)
34.Neikka Rpm . Into Rage
35.Circuito Cerrado Feat. Rexx Arkana . Noize In The Sky
36.At0Shima 3Rr0R . Revolution Of Death (Death Factor Remix)
37.Implant . Oxynoxe-R
38.Aiboforcen Feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer . We Woke Up The Dragon (Unlocked)
39.Eexee . Future Ghost Stories . Wizard Of Noise
41.R.i.p. (Roppongi Inc. Project) . Irreversible
42.Noisuf-X . Who Am I?
43.Funker Vogt . Feel The Pain (Video Edit)
44.Lederman - De Meyer . A Tribe Of My Own (Sebastian Komor Mix)
45.Die Robo Sapiens Feat. Leaether Strip . Kaltes Klares Wasser
46.Ad:key . Eskalation (Agrezzior Mix)
47.Electronic Frequency . Generation One
48.Kant Kino . Destruct
49.Darkness On Demand . Darkness On Demand
50.Solitary Experiments . Crash & Burn (Ashbury Heights Rmx)
51.Imjudas . Tulpa (Ad:key Remix)
52.Chamaeleon Feat. Aftereffect . Forbidden
53.Nano Infect Feat. Suicide Commando . Lifeless
54.Siva Six . High On Low (C-Lekktor Mix)
55.Blutengel . Seele
56.Grausame Töchter . Wildes Tier
57.Stoppenberg . Get Ready
58.Suppressor . The Hard Way Of Suicide
59.Playngrain . Rescan
60.T3Rr0R 3Rr0R . We Came To Party
61.Synthattack . Straight To Hell
62.Suicide Commando . Death Lies Waiting (Death Will Find You Remix)
63.Reactor7X . The Circus Of False
64.Eggvn . Aasb
65.Venal Flesh . The Witch’S Crucible
66.Dunkelwerk . Gxstxpx 4C (Bunker Edit)
67.Acylum . Schwarzer Adler
68.Schwarzblut . Wutrich
69.Form Follows Function . Entierro En Campaña
70.Märcoda . Imaginary Shores
71.Totem Obscura . Blut Marschiert (Bunker Edit)
72.Philipp Münch . Das Ist Meine Rache
73.Klangbild . Ausserhalb Der Reihe
74.Signal Operator . Rope On Neck (Warp Mix)
75.Worms Of The Earth . Jhakri (Feat. Wychdoktor)
76.Pax Sono . German Night
77.Devil-M . Human Being (Extize Mix)
78.Krachtrauma . Zustand
79.Zwaremachine . Ieyei (Planktoon Remix)
80.Amorphous . Alone (Fearless Remix)
81.Code: Red Core . Esteriòtipos
82.Cold Therapy . Fading
83.Elm . Wapenrustning (Mildreda Remix)
84.Zombie Girl . Pleasure Games (Diabolic Art Remix)
85.Armageddon Dildos . Resist (Venal Flesh Mix)
86.00Tz 00Tz . When All Hope Is Lost
87.Arian 1 . Spend The Night (Dark Skies Remix)
88.Auger . My Guardian
89.Psy’Aviah Feat. Entrzelle . Ghost
90.Miranda Cartel . Amethyst
91.Junksista . Love Makes People Stupid (Technolorgy Remix)
92.Skinjob . Internet Death Game (Ebt Mix)
93.Miseria Ultima . Let Down
94.The Psychic Force . Politics Of Greed (Readjust Remix)
95.Cyberlich . Soul Krusher
96.Distoxia . El Ascenso Del Rey Nigromante
97.Syncfactory . Lost
98.Distorted World . You Fall (Terror Night Version)
99.Ucnx . Sleep When You’Re Dead (Out Out Remix)
100.Third Realm . Battle The Hate
101.Nitek . Macabre Control
102.[Fabrikmutter] . Inmune
103.C-Phalea . Chaos Oblivion
104.Antibody . Revolution Dance
105.Aesthetische . An End In Itself
106.0Kontrol . Nebenwirkung
107.Helalyn Flowers . Kamikaze Angel (Alien Nation Rmx)
108.Entrzelle . Stormchaser (Avarice In Audio Mix)
109.Shades:of:hell . Remediate The Pain
110.Anti-Terror . Next Generation
111.Ice Ages . The Wheel
112.Droid Sector Decay . An Arrow In The Heart Of Darkness
113.Psy’Aviah Feat. Kyoko Baertsoen . Plan B
114.Helalyn Flowers . Tetrachromatic
115.Synapsyche . Mirror Terror
116.Imjudas . Without Us You Are Nothing
117.I:scintilla . Human (Angelspit Mix)
118.Junksista . A Little Naughty
119.H.o.w. . Happiness Imperative
120.Llumen . The Dark Inside Her Eyes (Bunker Edit)
121.Mental Exile . Renegades
122.Metroland . Memorabilia
123.Implant . Oxynoxe (Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld Remix)
124.Aesthetische . Berlin
125.Ad:key . You Can’T Fuck Me
126.Kant Kino . Destruct
127.Avarice In Audio . Trojan Horse
128.Reactor7X . The Circus Of False
129.Dunkelwerk . Gxstxpx 4C (Bunker Edit)
130.Circuito Cerrado . Revolution (Short Edit)
131.Alien Vampires Feat. Chainreactor . Hyperbolic Doubt