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"Endzeit Bunkertracks Vol. 5"


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Release: 2010
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Various - Endzeit Bunkertracks Vol. 5 4CD

This is the 5th act of what has become one of the most successful and "classic must-have" compilation concepts on the dark electronic scene! "Endzeit Bunkertracks 5" comes as a deluxe 4CD carton box including an extended 16 page bookletfor your visual pleasure. A new ultimate Endzeit experience of over 300 minutes of sonic extravaganza spread over 68 tracks on 4 discs. Returning from the core of the Underworld, "Endzeit Bunkertracks 5" again hits straighter and harder than ever before imagined by offering you another brainwashing selection of the best dark, harsh elektro and modern power noise acts active on the planet.

The ultimate evil dancefloor conquerors all packed on some 4 full length CDs (including 64 out of 68 rare or previously unreleased exclusive tracks!) delivered to your hands. The complete track listing speaks for itself...

This new selection of terrific and terrifying club invaders again features a very diverse and international approach with artists coming from every corners of the (under)world. Full club power, malevolent moments and splitting headaches guaranteed by this ultimate Endzeit experience.
InfraRot sales rank:1,730
InfraRot item number:2005.465
Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM 1146
1.Captive Six · Noizemaker (Edit)
2.Suicide Commando · Die Motherfucker Die (Modulate Mix)
3.Studio-X · To Hell
4.Shaolyn · More Bass In All Frequencies
5.Ex.Es · Orgasmofobia (Edit)
6.Mordacious · Unknown
7.De:Ad:Cibel · One Of 47
8.Amgod · On The Hunt (Short Mix)
9.Industriegebiet · Erniedrigung
10.Alien Vampires · Evil Will Always Find U
11.Xperiment · Inside The Flesh
12.Larva · Come With Me
13.Dolls Of Pain · Addiction (Endzeit Version)
14.Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket · Sick
15.Centhron · Amok
16.Virgins O.R. Pigeons · Gotta Get Mad
17.Armageddon Dildos · House Of Pain (Freakangel Mix)
18.Combichrist · All Pain Is Gone
19.Nachtmahr · War On The Dancefloor
20.Menschdefekt · Psycho Bitch
21.Terrorfrequenz · Virus Wut (Endzeit Version)
22.De Tot Cor · Mädchenliebe
23.Ivardensphere · Sentient Wave Form
24.Experiment Haywire · Mean Enough Hot Enough (Studio-x Mix)
25.Diffuzion · C.S.
26.Beati Mortui · Soulreaper
27.Uberbyte · Dein Himmel
28.Leaether Strip · Compassion (Kant Kino Mix)
29.Siva Six · 299 Hits (Fucking Shite Mix Feat Iambia)
30.AiBoFoRcEn · Blood In Your Face (Feat. Acylum)
31.My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult · Death Threat (Bahntier Mix)
32.Ludovico Technique · This Life
33.Roppongi Inc. Project · Temporary Evacuation
34.Xykogen · Mthrfkr
35.Sonic Introversion · Please Yourself
36.Cervello Elettronico · Player (Euromix)
37.SITD · Rot (Sam Remix)
38.Unter Null · I Can't Be The One (Ex.Es Mix)
39.Pouppee Fabrikk · Symptom (Hard Cut Mix)
40.Ayria · Bad List (Freakangel Mix)
41.Wynardtage · Mask (Sleetgrout Endzeit Mix)
42.X-Fusion · House Of Mirrors
43.C/A/T · Live With Myself (Edit)
44.Acylum · Raise Your Fist (Bunker Edit)
45.Schwarzblut · Das Mandat
46.Ich~Das · Das Bunkerlied
47.Heimataerde · Mutter
48.Suono · Monster
49.Extize · Hellektrostar (Reaper Mix)
50.Mesmers Eyes · 1747
51.Chemical Sweet Kid · Tears Of Blood
52.Formalin · Yuppiescum
53.Feindflug · Ersatzteil
54.Dunkelwerk · Croatoan (Very Short Cut)
55.Haushetaere · Sunshine Is My Destroyer
56.Trimetrick · Black Elektro
57.Noisuf-X · White Noise (Bunker Edit)
58.Antythesys · Suicide Music
59.Neikka RPM · Warped (Endzeit Attack)
60.Katastroslavia · Completely Normal
61.Plasmodium · Hypocrisy Is Under Control (2.0)
62.Psy'Aviah · Anger Management (Endzeit Edit)
63.Grendel · Chemicals & Circuitry (Komor Kommando Mix)
64.Kant Kino · Stille!
65.Epinephrin · Energie