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"Endzeit Bunkertracks Vol. 7"


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Release: 2015
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Various - Endzeit Bunkertracks Vol. 7 4CD

Returning from the core of the Underworld, "Endzeit Bunkertracks [act 7]" again hits harder than ever before, by offering you another brainwashing selection of the best dark, harsh elektro and modern power noise acts active on the planet. The ultimate evil dancefloor conquerors all packed on 4 (!!) full length CDs plus 50 bonus tracks to download (including a great majority of rare or previously unreleased exclusive tracks!) delivered to your scorched hands. The complete track listing speaks for itself… Hard-hitting contributions from renown bands like COMBICHRIST, SUICIDE COMMANDO (ewcxlusive remix by AVARICE IN AUDIO!), ALIEN VAMPIRES, [:SITD:] (exclusive KANT KINO mix), AGONOIZE, NOISUF-X, C-LEKKTOR (exclusive SERAPHIM SYSTEM mix) , ACYLUM, KOMOR KOMMANDO, STUDIO-X, SEBASTIAN KOMOR, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, AMDUSCIA, FREAKANGEL (exclusive TERROLOKAUST mix), AYRIA (ACYLUM mix), MENTALLO & THE FIXER, UNTER NULL (CSK mix), as well as the impressive return of miss ZOMBIE GIRL, lord AMGOD presenting new material, the cult German 90's dark EBM act THE PSYCHIC FORCE, the good old icy elektro of SERPENTS, DISKONNEKTED's harder side-project MILDREDA, VOMITO NEGRO's mastermind's solo-project GIN DEVO, classy Belgian duo IMPLANT revealing the first track from their next album, FREAKANGEL's side-project SUICIDAL ROMANCE (ES23 mix), etc. The modern high-tech power noise league and the whole seething new generation of dark elektro acts are also represented by their best new ambassadors, many offering unreleased new material or special versions: AVARICE IN AUDIO, XMH, AESTHETISCHE, SIVA SIX, NANO INFECT, R.I.P. (ROPPONGI INC. PROJECT), CYNICAL EXISTENCE, KANT KINO, NÖVÖ, CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, IVARDENSPHERE, NEIKKA RPM, AENGELDUST, METROLAND, PSY'AVIAH (feat. JUNKSISTA), DEAD MUSICIAN, DIABOLIC ART, SCHWARZBLUT, VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS, DIFFUZION, TOTEM OBSCURA, DUNKELWERK, MONDTRÄUME, PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1, DYM, TAMTRUM (GRENDEL mix), DOLLS OF PAIN, MRDTC, FRAMEWORK, DIVERJE… Promising new discoveries are also well represented in the likes of VENAL FLESH, ENTRZELLE, CIRCUITO CERRADO, 2ND FACE, SHADES:OF:HELL, DREAM RECALL, CARDINAL NOIRE, CHAMAELEON, LLUMEN, EEXEE, REACTOR7X, HELL:SECTOR, SLEETGROUT, TOTTEN MECHANISMUS, VESTED SERPENT, 00TZ 00TZ, GUSANO, TRAUMATIZE, LARVA, RENOIZED, FLAMMPUNKT, MONOSPORE, PROTECTORATE, PSYCHICOLD,SYNAPSYCHE and many many more. This new selection of terrific and terrifying club invaders again features a very diverse and international approach with artists coming from every corners of the (under)world (28 different countries incl. New Zealand, Chile, Ukraine, Ecuador, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Japan, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Peru, Estonia, Australia, Norway, Belarus, Greece, USA, Spain, Canada, Finland, Sweden, UK, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Belgium). Full club power, malevolent moments and splitting headaches are all guaranteed by this new ultimate Endzeit experience. A FREE 18-track Alfa Matrix label compilation "Sounds From The Matrix 016" is included in every compilation box.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM 1226
1.Mildreda · This Time (Bunker Edit)
2.2nd Face · Movement
3.Shades:of:hell · Kuolleet Sielut
4.Braut feat. Controlled Collapse~Die · A Double Life
5.Dream Recall · In Control
6.Suicide Commando · Monster (Avarice In Audio Mix)
7.Aesthetische · Gone Tomorrow
8.Playngrain · Vulnerability
9.R.I.P. · (Roppongi Inc. Project) Schnarch Suite (Noisuf-X Mix)
10.Cynical Existence · The Heartless (Dj Shades Fin Mix)
11.Siva Six · The Twin Moons (Cutoff:sky Mix)
12.Nano Infect · We're Going To Kill You
13.Hell:Sector · Chrome Existence
14.Agonoize · Dafür
15.XMH · Product (Cutoff:sky Mix)
16.Reactor7X · Dysfunctional
17.Bleeding Corp · The Black Heart (Endzeit Mix)
18.Dead Musician · Black Hole
19.Cardinal Noire · A New Form Of Machinery
20.Combichrist · From My Cold Dead Hands
21.Circuito Cerrado · Tu Alma
22.Disorder Faith · Harsh Sex
23.Lucidstatic · Fakt (Sleepless Droids Mix)
24.Kant Kino · Nag Gag (Kk03Eb07 Version)
25.Studio-X vs. Simon Carter · Take Flight
26.Complex Mind · Unpleasant Surprises
27.Ivardensphere · Mother Of Crows (Club Mix)
28.Diabolic Art · Fortitude
29.Amgod · Mind Control
30.Venal Flesh · Grotesque (Endzeit Club Mix)
31.Zombie Girl · Panic Attack (Acylum Mix)
32.Acylum · Zigeunerjunge (Bunker Edit)
33.Neikka RPM · Battle Scars
34.Aengeldust · Face To Face
35.Metroland · Triadic Ballet (Endzeit Tanz)
36.Növö · Zeitgeist (Sick World Remix By Flood Veyor)
37.Cervello Elettronico · Cross Section
38.Eexee · Tell Me
39.Avarice In Audio · Her Fire
40.Noisuf-X · The Typical 'fuck You' Song
41.C-Lekktor · Dirty Elekktro Sex (Seraphim System Mix)
42.Komor Kommando · The Power Within
43.Virgins O.R. Pigeons · Bordello
44.Chamaeleon · Suppression
45.Alien Vampires · Anti Cosmic
46.Binary Division · Dark World V2 (Endzeit Edit)
47.SITD · Dunkelziffer (Kant Kino Mix)
48.Implant · The End
49.Psy'aviah Feat. Junksista · Before I Die (Endzeit Edit)
50.Diffuzion · Drifting (Aesthetische Mix)
51.Entrzelle · Power Play (Assault)
52.Sebastian Komor · Dragon's Lair
53.Sleetgrout Feat. Suicide Commando · Jest#9
54.Llumen · Lux Aeterna (Endzeit Mix)
55.At0Shima 3Rr0R · Fuck Your Lies (Ruined Conflict Mix)
56.Psychic Force · The Fog (Bunkertracks Edit)
57.Plastic Noise Experience · Tateinheit (V.2.015)
58.Serpents · State Of War
59.Gin Devo · Dark Frequencies
60.Totem Obscura · Waldgeist (Endzeit Edit)
61.Dunkelwerk · 321 Tot (Tribunal Mix)
62.Freakangel · Suck The Poison In (Terrolokaust Mix)
63.Mondträume · Parasite (Terrolokaust Mix)
64.Schwarzblut · Lied Der Freiheit
65.Preemptive Strike 0.1 · Epos Of The Argonauts
66.Amduscia · Una Esperanza Rota
67.Totten Mechanismus · Incarnations Of Lust
68.Vested Serpent · The North
69.Denial Of Service · Red Cross Red Crescent
70.C2 · Affirmative Negative Infinite
71.C-[Phalea] · Process To Filth
72.[Fabrikmutter] · The Minimal Devotion
73.M.O.D. · Without Regrets
74.Shadow Lady · Species (Endzeit Mix)
75.Switchface · A Crack In The Monolith
76.Neonsol · Manipulation
77.DYM · With A Smile (Edit)
78.Suicidal Romance · Touch (Es23 Mix)
79.Ayria · Hunger (Acylum Mix)
80.00TZ 00TZ · Poisoned Minds And Broken Hearts (Alarm Mix)
81.Aim & Execute · Phantom Energy
82.Hydra Division V · Ostracized
83.Gusano · Sangre Eternal
84.System~Die · Cyanide
85.Product · To The Wind (Chant)
86.Durandal X Xiescive · Rabid
87.Vault 113 · The Prophecy
88.Sequenz  · Despair (A.d.n. Mix)
89.Ginger Snap 5 · Waiting For… (Pride And Fall Mix)
90.Traumatize · Moje Odbicie
91.[Synaptic:reactor] · The Devil's Work (Ruinizer Mix)
92.Studio-X Feat. Michael Tellinger · The Source Of Energy
93.Antibody · Shrimps
94.Code: Red Core · Miss Betrayal
95.Tamtrum · Le Son De La Pluie (Fils De Pute Mix By Grendel)
96.Larva · Mi Mundo Nunco Fue El Vuestro
97.Mentallo & The Fixer · Gammera (Equinox)
98.Statik Sky · Fuqin Noize
99.Neustrohm · Non Toxic
100.Renoized · Defcon
101.Flammpunkt · One In The Brain (Binary Division Mix)
102.Bereshit · Virtual Freedom
103.A.d.r.o.n. · Be Subordinated
104.Hasswut · Nicht Für Mich
105.Third Realm · Deliverance
106.Dolls Of Pain · Drugs On The Floor (Endzeit Mix)
107.Unter Null · The Fall (Chemical Sweet Kid Mix)
108.Biomechanimal Feat. Animustrax · Elder Gods
109.Monospore · Standing High
110.Protectorate · Universal Exports
111.MRDTC · Brain Talk (Bunker Hellectric)
112.Mechanic Doll Machine · Mirage
113.Framework · Faith (Contact #2)
114.Riotlegion · God(B)Less
115.Psychicold · Burn In Hell
116.Shadow System · Nex
117.Synapsyche · Breath Control
118.Diverje · All The Fakes (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)