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"Estigmas (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Various - Estigmas (Limited Edition) CD + DVD

Sci-Fi/mystic film by José Moral & J.Luis Martínez with exclusive soundtrack CD! DVD + CD Special Limited Edition. Science Fiction, Mysticism, Martial, Apocalyptic O.S.T.

The soundtrack is composed of music by The Protagonist, Puissance, Der Blutharsch, In Slaughter Natives, Mayhem, Kazeria, Turnavel, Suveräna Vanguard, Silent Love of Death, Hyperborei...


During World War II, German ...
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1.Protagonist~The · The Eternal Abjectedness Of Life (Edited)
2.Puissance · Genocidal
3.Puissance · A Call To Arms
4.Puissance · Speak My Voice
5.Blutharsch~Der · Lilli Marlene
6.In Slaughter Natives · Angels Meat
7.Puissance · Post Ruin Symphony
8.Puissance · For The Day Of Pestilence
9.Mayhem · A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun
10.Turnavel · Salva Cetrina
11.Silent Love Of Death · The Process
12.Suverana · Estigmas
13.Kazeria · Konflikt ( Futhark Mix )
14.Hyperborei · This Is War