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"Extreme Störfrequenz Vol. 6"


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Release: 2011
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Various - Extreme Störfrequenz Vol. 6 CD

Extreme Störfrequenz is 'the bad sister' of the 'Sündenfall' series, offering the harder, more extreme and danceable side of electro between industrial rave, hellectro, cyberpunk and dark techno!

Compiled by Djane Charon Dark (Nachtwerk Karlsruhe) and Martin Sprissler (Gothic). 11 out of 16 tracks are exclusive! 79 mins.
InfraRot sales rank:1,848
InfraRot item number:2008.556
Label's catalogue number:UP 1037
1.Soman · Noistyle
2.Unsinn · Fuck You
3.Phosgore · 20 Ways To Kill Someone
4.Reaxion Guerrilla · Cyberkillers
5.Demencia 69 · Psychological Terror (Destructed By Detuned Destructon)
6.Covenant · Dynamo Clock
7.Genetic Disorder · Meta Genesis
8.Resistent Project · Mp5
9.Schlauch 2 Elf · Glutwind (Angriffstrupp1)
10.Catastrophe (Noise) · Broken Machine
11.Kopfer Kat · Frankenstein Stomp
12.Vault 113 · Leichenfeier (Prestige Mix)
13.Iszoloscope · In The Face Of Descent
14.Sonic Violence Experience · The New Beginning
15.Doomer · War Mongers
16.Mono-Amine · If You Are Not Running You Will Not Make It (Deeptripping Mix)