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"Fairy World Vol. 4"


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Release: 2008
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Various - Fairy World Vol. 4 CD

This book 20 pages + compilation CD with 17 tracks presents the new discoveries of the cult label "Prikosnovénie". The book narrates an Adventure full of emotions, a trip on "Prikosnovenie"'s planet where musical flowers have grown. An imaginary world bathed with sensitive music.
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InfraRot item number:5324.390
Label's catalogue number:PRIK119
1.Caprice · Adew Sweet Amarillis
2.Corde Oblique · Canstatorie
3.Christa Galli · Oriental Garden
4.Irfan · Vernal Garden
5.John-Krol~Louisa · A Retenue Of Mandrake
6.NY:NA Vales · L'atmo-sphère
7.Onze H30 · A Chaque Seconde Son Heure De Gloire
8.Alizbar · Metamorphoses Of Ann'
9.Ivo Sedlacek · Maya
10.Mediavolo · Unaltered Empire
11.Antrabata · Echoes
12.Lys · En Approchant Des Rivages Bleus
13.Shira ZED · Bghina Salam
14.Olen'k · Japanese Garden
15.Luigi Rubino · Duca Bianco
16.Collection D'Arnell-Andrea · Closer To Unicorn
17.Poussieres D'Etoiles · Pearl (Edit)