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"Fairy World Vol. 5"


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Release: 2009
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This CD sampler invites you to enter the musical and visual universe of the Prikosnovenie label. At the heart of the label's musical collections "Mandalia" (relaxing music) and "Solaris" (female voices from around the world), follow the thread of mystery. Sabine designed the 3 pages of this luxury big size digipak and also a 8 pages booklet inside. Travel around the world to find exceptional artists like Stellamara or the Danish Valravn (in the mood of Björk & Faun). In big, oversized (20 x 14 cms!) digipak, limited to 1000 copies and a 8 pages booklet. A new episode in Prikosnovenie's mythic collection "Fairy World" in a luxury packaging.
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InfraRot item number:2004.260
Label's catalogue number:prik131
1.Caprice · Sage
2.Maple Bee · Me And Rose
3.Valravn · Droemte Mig En Droem
4.Corde Oblique · Nostalgica Avanguardia
5.Lys · Le Pardon
6.Irfan · Star Of The Winds
7.Omasphere · Platoun
8.Poussieres D'Etoiles · See The Sea
9.Stellamara · Aman Doktor
10.Alizbar · Clo's Dreams
11.Ivo Sed-Lacek · Sun
12.Crista Galli · Yama-ho
13.Sava · Tros Y Garreg
14.Luigi Rubino · Last Dance