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"Forms of Hands 18"


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Release: June 2018
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Various - Forms of Hands 18 CD

FORMS OF HANDS goes into its 18th edition, and as it is tradition, accompanied by a festival CD with all 14 stage acts in chronological order, presenting exclusive tracks only. An astonishing diversity, and at the same time a manifesto of the shared mind set of 14 remarkable artists!The outline is obvious - electronic and sophisticated in production, unconventional and distinct In style: HANDS says noise, sometimes even screams it! FORMS OF HANDS has a simple goal which is so hard to achieve: Generate excitement and bring people together - And this is perfectly mirrored in this selection.
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1.Dirty K. - Forever Fading (End)
2.Phasenmensch+Icd-10 - Infected Times
3.Cervello Electronico - Something Rash
4.Blac Kolor - Nucleus
5.Maschinenkrieger Kr52 Vs. Disraptor – Seuranta
6.End.user - Rust Garden Part 1
7.Monolith – Manifesto
8.Hydrone - Repetitive Non-Existence
9.Cacophoneuses - Witches
10.Sylvgheist Maëlström - C.m.r. (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic And Reprotoxic)
11.Shorai - Maquinaria Pesada
12.Ontal – Linear
13.Nullvektor - Unruhe Im Bezirk
14.Ah Cama-Sotz - La Sopa Del Dia