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"Frost Vol.3"


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Release: 2018
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Various - Frost Vol.3 LP

this frost vol. 3 compilation is the first of its kind to be released on vinyl, and is a unique slice of the basic unit productions pie, with layers of flavours to choose from. most of the bands have had previous releases on this label, and the newcomers represent the unique style of this label as well, such as croatian based le chocolate noir, who brings a classic early 90’s frankfurt techno style sound to the turntable. whereas, cute heels takes it and shifts it to a straight clubby level. in addition, rendered,and hex wolves (collaborating with fractured transmissions) target the dance floor with dense and compressed production styles. while blac kolor conjures up his trademark machine gun sequencing, dsx and divider strike your ears once again with their minimal body music.
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Label:Basic Unit
1.A1 Divider - Immaculate Vexation
2.A2 Rendered - Kms
3.A3 Cute Heels - Rougue Madame (Nyc Mix)
4.A4 Blac Kolor - Gott
5.B1 Dsx - Digitalia
6.B2 Le Chocolat Noir - Caméléon
7.B3 Fractured Transmission & Hex Wolves - Steel Prophet