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"Goth Is What You Make It Vol. 3"



Release: 2004
Status: Sold out
Various - Goth Is What You Make It Vol. 3 CD

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1.Burn · Ghost
2.Edenfeld · For You
3.Oneabe Clone · Endless Loop
4.Carnival Of Dreams · Message To You (Projekt Darklands Mix)
5.Mondsucht · Never Again
6.Human Vs. Machine · Fallen
7.Swans Of Avon · Today
8.Misery's Fault · Roses On The Graveyard
9.Mechanical Moth · The Unseen
10.Koff feat. Siela · Burst My Faith
11.Autumn Angels · Haus Aus Staub
12.Experiment Nord · 2000 Jahre
13.Sepulcrum Mentis · Blue Hotel
14.Astrovamps · Black Dahlia
15.Bionic Angel · End Of The Day
16.Arts Of Erebus · Heroes In The Dark
17.Arise-X · My Dreams
18.Siela · Crosswise