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"Gothic Spirits EBM Edition 6"


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Release: 2014
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-3 weeks
Various - Gothic Spirits EBM Edition 6 2CD

GOTHIC SPIRITS - EBM Edition adheres strictly to the electronic aspects of GOTHIC. Where the series GOTHIC SPIRITS primarily has guitar-driven features, here the heroes of the Gothic dancefloor come into play acts such as DIE KRUPPS, GABI DELGADO, POUPPEE FABRIKK that reflect the partially aggressive nature of CYBERGOTH and enjoy great popularity.
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Label:Golden Core
1.Pouppee Fabrikk · Bring Back The Ways Of Old (Autodefah Rmx)
2.Minusheart · Say The Word (Belgian Blood Mix By Diskonnekted)
3.Krupps~Die · Part Of The Machine
4.Lakobeil · The Hunter (Paralyzed Rmx)
5.Deadcibel · Globalized (K-Bereit Rmx)
6.Amnistia · Schwarz & Licht (Sleepless Droids Rmx)
7.Shiv-R · God Is Art (Noisuf-X Rmx)
8.Vomito Negro · White Lights
9.Plastic Noise Experience · Push And Punish (Tyske Ludder Rmx)
10.NZ · Trigger Me
11.Studio-X vs. Simon Carter · Truth (Kant Kino Rmx)
12.Blitzmaschine · Uncontrollable (A23 Rmx)
13.Aengeldust · Bloodsport (Wumpscut Rmx)
14.Frontal · Lass Uns Tanzen (Orange Sector Rmx)
15.NamNamBulu · Sorry (Back To The Roots Mix)
16.Binary Park · Worlds Collide (Impact Mix)
17.Substaat · Electric (Mesh Rmx)
18.A Spell Inside · Thorn
19.Delgado~Gabi · Lippenstift (Eisbrecher Neumischung)
20.X Mouth Syndrome · Good Times
21.Virgins O.R. Pigeons · Gotta Get Mad
22.Aesthetische · Statement (Edobot Rmx)
23.Klinke~Der · The Fact Of Life
24.Red Industrie · Kathy‘S Song Part 1
25.Noxx~Sara · Prelude (Vylevirtue Rmx)
26.Framework · Mayhem 09 Bruderschaft - Falling (Kant Kino Rmx)
27.Paranoid Android · Zero Gravity (Bunker 50 Mix)
28.Eternal Afflict~The · Perish!
29.X-Marks The Pedwalk · Run! Run! Mary!
30.BhamBhamHara · Nur Für Euch (Zensiert By [:sitd:])
31.Robotiko Rejekto · Tanzlokal (Orange Sector Rmx)
32.Vainerz · Love Run (Run With Me - Mix By Wellencocktail)
33.Epinephrin · Sanduhr