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"Hyperakusis IV"


Release: December 2022
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Various - Hyperakusis IV CD

It has become something like a tradition, that with the preparation of every 10th audiophob release we spend some time to look back at the last works we created together with all the wonderful artists that we also have the privilege to call friends, while at the same time we direct the view forward to what we want to achieve with the next upcoming releases. Like its three predecessors “Hyperakusis IV” contains a well selected collection of new and exclusive tracks of projects of the current audiophob lineup. With this, the contribution to this release build a bridge between the last and the forthcoming works of everyone involved. All in all twelve pieces showcase the range of music, our label covers, from sinister dark ambient soundscapes up to impulsive technoid rhythms of Sphercial Disrupted, Axiome, Gamlaskatten, Mortaja, Wesenberg, Mandelbrot, Alarmen, Autoclav1.1 and Darkrad.
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1.Spherical Disrupted - Adrastea (A)
2.Spherical Disrupted - Adrastea (B)
3.Axiome - Dernières Traces De Vie
4.Gamlaskatten - Perished
5.Mortaja - Freefall
6.Mortaja - Smashed
7.Wesenberg - Tide Will Rise And Fall Along The Bay
8.Mandelbrot - Kopfkino
9.Alarmen - Fold
10.Autoclav1.1 - At A Glance
11.Autoclav1.1 - Murk Life
12.Darkrad - Unrest