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"Ian Curtis Transmission 80-10"


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Release: 2010
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Various - Ian Curtis Transmission 80-10 CD

30 years with(out) Ian Curtis - Transmission - 80-10 A Joy Division Tribute. Great compilation of songs, many of them especially recorded for this third volume of Infrastition's 'Transmission' series! This 3rd volume is entirely dedicated to Ian Kevin Curtis, legendary leader and singer of Joy Division, who passed away 30 years ago.

These 18 recordings are the fruit of a deep devotion of the participating artists, to the work and life of a singer, that died at a far too young age and left a lasting gap in the music scene. Transmission 3 is a sort of 'French incarnation' of this deep devotion to a musician and a band, that influenced the dark and electro-scene for over 30 years now. Many big names of the French alternative scene contributed and the tracklist reads like a 'who is who' of the French Cold Wave scene of the 80ies and 90ies!
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1.Ain Soph Aur · Something Must Break
2.Babel 17 · The Sound Of Music
3.Charles De Goal · Insight
4.Clair Obscur · Decades
5.Collection D'Arnell-Andrea · Isolation
6.Complot · Transmission
7.DC Shell · Atmosphere
8.Exces Nocturne · Ceremony
9.Femme Fatale · Heart And Soul
10.Guerre Froide · Shadowplay
11.Hide & Seek · The Eternal
12.Les Conseillers Techniques · Warsaw
13.Little Nemo · Love Will Tear Us Apart
14.No Tears · She's Lost Control
15.Opera Multi Steel · Isolation
16.Tanit · The Only Mistake
17.That Summer · Disorder
18.Wallenberg · Day Of The Lords