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"Infacted Compilation Vol. 6"


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Release: May 2017
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Various - Infacted Compilation Vol. 6 CD

The sixth part of the well established „Infacted Compilation“ series again brings us 15 (!) all new exclusive, rare and mixed songs by bands such as Vanguard, Machinista, Rroyce, Ruined Conflict, Binary Park, Frame of Mind, Lights oF Euphorie, The Firm Inc., Frozen Plasma, E-Craft and others with a total running time of more then 75 minutes! A massive collection of dance tunes for your club. The CD version is again limited to only 1000 copies worldwide and will not be re-pressed. The series continues after five well received parts featuring artists like Soman, SITD, VNV Nation, NamNamBulu, Nero Facility or Frozen Plasma with one of their strongest editions to date. The album features future pop, electro, harsh electronic beats and dark electro at it’s best. A true weapon in the hand of every DJ.
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1.Vanguard · A Different Story (Solitary Experiments Remix)
2.Machinista · Seconds Minutes Hours
3.Rroyce · Who Needs (Beborn Beton Remix)
4.NamNamBulu · Return (Im Club)
5.Ruined Conflict · Horizon (Toxic Alliance Remix)
6.Binary Park · Your Own Great Nation
7.Logic & Olivia · City Of Flagrance (Dance Remix)
8.Frame Of Mind · Devil In Disguise
9.Lights Of Euphoria · Hallo Hallo (Infacted Club Remix)
10.Nine Seconds · Agent Provocateur
11.Endanger · Carnival
12.The Firm Incorporated · Schluss Mit Lustig (Infacted Version)
13.Frozen Plasma · Imaginary (Reaper Remix)
14.E-Craft · Fuckers & Pricks (Remix 2017)
15.Liquid Divine · Let’S Begin Again (Acretongue Remix)