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"Infacted Compilation Vol. 8"


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Release: March 2020
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Various - Infacted Compilation Vol. 8 CD

With part eight of their well known „labelcompilation“ Bavaria/Germany based electronic label „INFACTED RECORDINGS“ presents a compilation full of club hits, exclusive songs, remixes and songs which are presented on CD for the very first time. With almost 80 minutes playing time the label once more present promising new artists such as Cyto, Digital Energy, Probe or Station Echo as well as international known remix artists like Dominatrix, Rob Dust, Assemblage 23 or Solitary Experiments. A must have for all followers of the label, as well as all electronic music addicts!
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1.Ruined Conflict - Feuer (Technik Mix) 5:10 *
2.Es23 - When I’M Gone (Dungeon Remix By Reichsfeind) 4:03 *
3.Cyto - What You’Ve Got 4:41 **
4.Beyond Obsession - Revolution From Below (Solitary Experiments Remix) 5:45 *
5.Shiv-R - Annihilation (Shift Remix) 7:17 *
6.God Module - Cross My Heart (Es23 Remix) 4:17 *
7.Accessory - No Man Covers (Neustrohm Remix) 4:09 *
8.State Of The Union   Slither (Assemblage 23 Remix) 4:46 *
9.Vanguard - Riot (Ruined Conflict Remix) 4:50 *
10.Digital Energy - Path (Frozen Plasma Remix) 3:42 **
11.Probe - Specter 4:46 **
12.Rroyce - My Dearest Enemy (Dominatrix Remix) 5:37 *
13.Xotox - Am Rande Des Universums 4:10 **
14.Station Echo - Eyes Up (Heart Strong) 4:41
15.Sitd - The Devil’S Tongue 4:38
16.Binary Park (Feat. Daniel Myer) - Human (Rob Dust’S Big Beatz Mix) 4:12 *