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"Infacted Compilation Vol. 9"


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Release: June 2020
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Various - Infacted Compilation Vol. 9 CD

In these weird times there is at least one positive thing remaining, many of our label artists are very creative and productive in producing new music. So it is without big surprise that we’re presenting already a second label compilation within 2020. We again exceeded 75 minutes playing time with 17 different songs and artists, mostly excluive, special remixes, or songs which have been pressed on compact disc for the very first time. Besides well know acts such as „Orange Sector“, „Torul“, „State Of The Union“, „Lights Of Euphoria“ or „Reaper“ we also present newcomers and acts you haven’t heard of for quite some time such as „Endanger“, „Menschdefekt“, „Gen -Zx“ or „Aircrash Bureau“. The compilation features club songs by musicians such as „Probe“, „Reaper“, „Lykard“ or „Cyto“, a massive 80s cover version by „Nine Seconds“ as well as fresh EBM-Pop by „Pandoria“ (featuring Stephan Tesch, former „Paranoid" and Martin Bodewell of "Orange Sector" fame), spheric songs like „Missing In Stars“ or the „Frozen Plasma“ Club Mix of „Beyond Border“s hit „Construction“. „The Saint Paul“ also present a fresh dance smash prior to their new and upcoming album. Electro, EBM, Synthpop, dark to colorful, "Infacted Compilation 9“ features everything for fans of electronic music. Make yourself dance, discover or simply leave this world for some moments. The Cd is again limited and won’t be repressed, so get your hands on it while it lasts.
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1.Lykard - Unsterblich (Club Mix) 4:11 Min.
2.Beyond Border - Construction (Frozen Plasma Remix) 4:38
3.Orange Sector - Zerstörer (Pandoria Remix) 2:54 Min.
4.The Saint Paul - Your Face 4:26 Min.
5.Cyto - Dressed To Creep (Rob Dust Remix) 6:12 Min.
6.Nine Seconds - Dr. Mabuse (Club Mix) 3:46 Min.
7.Pandoria - Crush (Ruined Conflict Remix) 4:17 Min.
8.Probe - Tension (Robert Staub Remix) 4:10 Min.
9.Reaper . Atlantis (Infacted Rough Mix) 4:07 Min.
10.Menschdefekt - Deliverance 4:45 Min.
11.State Of The Union - Bad Flower (Aircrash Bureau Remix) 4:45 Min.
12.Lights Of Euphoria - The Rage Inside (Infacted Version) 4:01 Min.
13.Endanger - Blood Red Roses (Club Mix) 4:24 Min.
14.Missing In Stars - Not’N But Luv’N 5:46 Min.
15.Gen-Zx - When I’M With You 3:38 Min.
16.Aircrash Bureau - Herzschlag (Semilocybe Remix) 5:38 Min.