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"Japanese Electro Punk Brutality"


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Release: 2014
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Various - Japanese Electro Punk Brutality CD

Genre: Noise / Electronic / Industrial

25 tracks, 75 Minutes of the best in Japanese Electro Punk! This album has been carefully assembled by cEvin Key of SKINNY PUPPY/DOWNLOAD, who says: “These are some of the hardest bands I’ve ever witnessed in my 15 shows and 10 trips to JAPAN over the past 6 years. Playing with these guys was a challenge, as they made the word “new Punk”, very relevant to me. Something is missing in the worlds view of Punk. Not with these guys. They live the way I remember punk being. Street level, honest, simple and aggressive. The album is set up like a mini gig. 3 bands and one loud PA. play it loud!”
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1.444Capsule · Shut A Mouth
2.444Capsule · Kill By Silence
3.444Capsule · Falling
4.444Capsule · Control
5.444Capsule · Residual Ash
6.Kokushibyou Guillotine · Continent Of The Curse
7.Kokushibyou Guillotine · The Possession
8.Kokushibyou Guillotine · The Cannibals Are Full Stomach
9.Kokushibyou Guillotine · My Sweet Baby
10.Kokushibyou Guillotine · Tsuboyanuma Hunchback
11.Kokushibyou Guillotine · Maboroshi (Gravepost Disappeared)
12.Kokushibyou Guillotine · Cruel News From Naha-City
13.Utero ZZZAAA · Cyberpunk Death Machine Osaka
14.Utero ZZZAAA · Blood Of Yamato
15.Utero ZZZAAA · Digital Hard Enka (Mf Japamerica Mx)
16.Utero ZZZAAA · Don't Ca// Me Punk
17.Utero ZZZAAA · What Do U Protect In Ur Life?
18.Utero ZZZAAA · Hero Of He//
19.Utero ZZZAAA · Last Word Of Samurai
20.Utero ZZZAAA · Owo
21.Utero ZZZAAA · Genelation Utr
22.Utero ZZZAAA · Prelude
23.Utero ZZZAAA · Super Egoist
24.Utero ZZZAAA · Election Buster
25.Utero ZZZAAA · All Japan Kamikaze Guerilla Gang (Utr2)