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"Keep The Fire Burning"


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Release: 2008
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Various - Keep The Fire Burning CD

Originally founded in summer 1998 to provide the German band "The House of Usher" with an independent release plat-form outside the usual market mechanisms, the 4 founders of Equinoxe Records could scarcely have imagined that 10 years and some 100 releases later, the level of label enthusiasm would be as intense today as it was at the beginning. In 2003 Equinoxe teamed with professional distributor ALIVE, resulting in the need to create the electro sub-label, enoxe. Of much greater import, however, were the changes in the music industry itself. The label as originally conceived confronts today, as every label does, a threat to its very right to exist. Yet, such adversity will not stop equinoxe/e-noxe from moving forward in new directions over the next decade and with equally enthusiastic dedication. With other words: "Keep The Fire Burning". This CD album is a colorful combination of Equinoxe and e-noxe bands, including those who escorted us from the very first day (House of Usher) as well as those who will release their very first CDs on Equinoxe in the next months (Silvery, Psyche), and should appeal to everyone in the scene.
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1.Luceed · Number 8 (Equinoxe Remix)
2.Silvery · Behind Your Face
3.Reptyle · Just Like You (Radio Edit)
4.Mystigma · I Don't Need You (Limited Demo Edition Mix)
5.Neon Dream · Veils (Solicitor Mix)
6.Violet · Orfeo
7.Psyche · The Sundial (Shifting Time)
8.Amato~Michel · Leave (Remix By In Strict Confidence 1996)
9.Vani · Tanzmusik Für Minderheiten (Randgruppenmix)
10.Davantage · Capture & Tension (People Theatre's Beastie Mix)
11.May-Fly · Afrika
12.Re-Legion · Legion 2008
13.Stereomotion · Wihtout You (Superikone Remix)
14.Wynardtage · Sterbehilfe 2008 (Equinoxe Mix)
15.Acylum · Face To Face (E-noxe Attack)