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"Kinetik Festival Vol. 1"


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Release: 2019
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Various - Kinetik Festival Vol. 1 DVD

Kinetik Productions proudly present the first official "Kinetik Festival DVD". Featuring live performances from the 2008 edition of the Kinetik Festival captured in high-quality digital imaging by the festival camera crew, the "Kinetik Festival DVD" is a one-of-a-kind showcase of some of industrial music's surging talent. The DVD features thunderous performances and previously unavailable footage from The Horrorist, Ascii Disko, Headscan, Funker Vogt, Memmaker, Terrorfakt, Iszoloscope, This Morn' Omina, Feindflug, Sonar and countless others. You also get a taste of the festival environment with back-stage footage, crowd shots, and artist interviews. The result is superb, the quality is amazing, and the package proves that the "KinetikFestival" is the place to be in May in North America.

The DVD is coded for All Regions, wide-screen viewing, and is a dual-layer disc. Run time is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes of live shows + the interviews and bonus materials. This is a limited edition run of 800 hard copies and will never be reprinted.
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InfraRot item number:2004.576
Label:Kinetik Productions
Label's catalogue number:K09-001
1.Sonar · Consume
2.Horrorist~The · One Night In NYC
3.Horrorist~The · Flesh Is The Fever
4.Horrorist~The · Metal Man
5.Ascii.Disko · Baphomet [Live]
6.Ascii.Disko · Black Summer [Live]
7.Distorted Memory · Burning Heaven
8.Headscan · Lolife
9.Headscan · Dead Silver Sky
10.Memmaker · Get Your Ass To Mars
11.Memmaker · Robot Buzz
12.Memmaker · Death Comes
13.Rabia Sorda · Misery
14.Funker Vogt · Words Of Power
15.Funker Vogt · Tragic Hero
16.KiEw · Dcdisk
17.Noisuf-X · Toccata Del Terrore
18.Noisuf-X · Just A Trip
19.Tonikom · Like Glass
20.Iszoloscope · The Sum Of Us All
21.Iszoloscope · In The Other Mind Of Us
22.Empusae · Eletro Alakin
23.Mono No Aware · AK
24.Xotox · Ewig
25.Xotox · Industrial Madness
26.Terrorfakt · Achtung!
27.Terrorfakt · The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself
28.Feindflug · AK 47
29.Feindflug · Kalte Unschuld
30.Feindflug · Gulag
31.This Morn' Omina · Tenet(S) Of On
32.This Morn' Omina · FP52500
33.This Morn' Omina · The Immutable Sphere
34.Sonar · Hostage