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"Kinetik Festival Vol. 5"


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Release: 2012
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Various - Kinetik Festival Vol. 5 2CD

Combichrist. Blutengel. S.P.O.C.K., Winterkalte. Haujobb. Grendel. S.I.T.D., Hocico...

And that's just the beginning. The Kinetik Festival enters its fifth successful year of bringing the best of the best artists to North America for four days of the craziest party you've ever experienced. Artoffact Records is proud to deliver the fifth volume of the Kinetik Festival compilation, a two-disc, 30-band extravaganza feat. the best talent that Kinetik brings. This year's compilation is stacked with some of the scene's biggest names, giving you nearly 50% exclusives and tons of hard-to-find mixes and versions (including contributions from Pzychobitch, Alien Vampires, Dryft, Distorted Memory, Loop Stepwalker and more).

As always the compilation is being offered at a very fair price and limited. Beware: Volumes one and two are long gone, volumes three and four are nearly sold out, so... There's truly no excuse not to grab a copy!
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InfraRot item number:2011.118
Label's catalogue number:AOF129
1.Projekt F · Oophorectomy
2.Combichrist · Just Like Me
3.E-Craft · ReArrested V3.0
4.Winterkälte · Toxic Ships
5.Orphx · Contamination
6.Klangstabil · Math & Emotion - The Square Root Of One
7.End.user · Climbing Backwards (Remix By Loop Stepwalker)
8.Cenotype · She's Dead...Requiem (Intoner Remix)
9.Panzer AG · Paper Angels
10.Heimataerde · Unter Der Linden (Cluv-version)
11.Haujobb · Crossfire (Dryft Remix)
12.Iszoloscope · Somethind Wicked This Way Comes
13.Adversary · Theme For Dead Cities
14.Aliceffekt · Emperer Child, Veins Of Brambles
15.S.P.O.C.K · Dr. Mccoy (Classic)
16.Beborn Beton · 24/7 Mystery (Chuck Mellow Remix)
17.Blutengel · Über Den Horizont (Dance Or Die Remix)
18.SITD · Snuff Machinery (Remix By Pzycho Bitch)
19.Miss Construction · Kunstprodukt (Remixed By Gintronic)
20.Hocico · Distorted Face (Dulce Liquido Remix)
21.Grendel · Timewave Zero
22.Shiv-R · Stripped (Distorted Memory Remix)
23.FGFC820 · Revolt Resist (Reworked By Riotlegion)
24.C-Lekktor · See My Hate (Alien Vampires Remix)
25.Cenobita · Imperios
26.Nitronoise · Synchronized Beat Fuck
27.Gothsicles~The · This Year's Password Is "Party"
28.Noisex · Chacha
29.Stormtrooper & Cipher · Mach Mich Kaputt
30.Lenny Dee & Satronica · Freedom