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"Kinetik Festival Vol. 5.5"


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Release: 2013
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Various - Kinetik Festival Vol. 5.5 CD

The sixth edition of Montreal's KINETIK FESTIVAL, this year focusing on Canadian and American artists, includes appearances from Decoded Feedback, Project Pitchfork, Ayria, Encephalon, Life Cried, FGFC820, Displacer, and many others!

The accompanying Festival CD features 18 tracks of which 11 are exclusive to this CD, recorded and remixed just for Kinetik! You get an exclusive mix of Encephalon, new tracks from The Gothsicles, Displacer and Decoded Feedback, and more new remix contributions from DYM, Fractured, Cenotype, Panic Lift, and many others. Best of all, the CD is priced to move and won't cost you more than a beer in Montreal.
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1.Encephalon · A Lifetime Of Puppetry (Fustian)
2.Decoded Feedback · Strychnine
3.Ayria · Plastic Makes Perfect
4.Project Pitchfork · Enchanted Dots Of Light
5.Projekt F · Evolved
6.FGFC820 · Doctrine (X-Rx Remix)
7.Fractured · Straight Jacket Fashion [Straight To Hell Remix By Dym]
8.Aesthetic Perfection · The Little Death
9.Suicide Commando · Attention Wh*re
10.Cenotype · 20.4.10111519 (Kinetik Mix)
11.Displacer · The Herald
12.Life Cried · I'm Sick
13.Myparasites · Quarantine
14.Nitronoise · Built For War
15.Panic Lift · Kill Me Faster (Kinetik Mix By Frontal Boundary)
16.DYM · Let Your Blood Run Dry (Die Sektor Remix)
17.Frontal Boundary · Front Line (A Red White And Blue Commissar Remix By Vicious Alliance)
18.The Gothsicles- 3Rd Original Kinetik Track (Americans On Rev)