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"KLAR! 80 – Kassettenlabel Düsseldorf 1980-1982"


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Release: July 2023
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Various - KLAR! 80 – Kassettenlabel Düsseldorf 1980-1982 CD

This compilation represents an initial – and long overdue – foray into the years 1980 - 82, when KLAR! 80 was a cassette label, paired with a shop of the same name in Düsseldorf. Founded by Rainer Rabowski, KLAR!80 released 18 cassettes of varying length and a box set containing three 12” vinyl Eps which fetch handsome prices among collectors nowadays. This collection reaches even further back in time than the SAMMLUNG - Düsseldorfer Kassettenmusik 1982-1989 (BB236/2017) collection, similarly curated by Stefan Schneider, which focused on the mid-1980s Düsseldorf cassette scene. It captures the brief period between the end of punk and the blooming capitalisation and digitalisation of so many aspects of life. The label shut down in October 1982 and all master tapes and artworks were lost. The recordings you can listen to here have been gleaned from private collections of well-preserved cassettes, painstakingly restored and digitalised.
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Label:Bureau B
1.Strafe Für Rebellion - Blaue Mig
2.Roter Stern Belgrad - Ta Ku Sey
3.Und Piloten - Umsturz
4.Roter Stern Belgrad - Alpha Waves
5.Europa - Dein Zauber
6.Ralph & Ernie - Ralph & Ernie
7.Xao Seffcheque Und Der Rest - Mir Fehlen Die Worte
8.Rara, Axel & Ralph - Rara, Axel & Ralph
9.Eraserhead - Ot
10.P.projekta / G.ranzz - M4
11.Chbb - Mau-Mau
12.Roter Stern Belgrad - Blas Dein Knie Ein
13.Blässe - Taktlose Klapperschlangen