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"Lords Of Chaos"


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Release: 2002
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Various - Lords Of Chaos 2CD

Die Doppel-CD zum gleichnamigen Buch enthält(teilweise extrem raren oder bislang unveröffentlichten)musikalische Beiträge von Monte Cazazza, Death SS, Bathory,Anton Szandor Lavey, Genesis P. Orridge, Aleister Crowley,Emperor, Darkthrone, Mick Jagger u.v.a.
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Darkthrone · A Blaze In The Northern Sky
Sodom · Outbreak Of Evil
Black Widow · Sacrifice
Monte Cazazza · Stairway To Hell
Thorns · Stellar Master Elite
Genesis P-Orridge · Supermale (Feat. Psychic Tv)
White Stains · Take It From Me
Emperor · The Burning Shadows Of Silence
Aleister Crowley · The Pentagramm
Coven · The Portrait
Anton Szandor Lavey · The Satanic Hamboo
Hellhammer · Triumph Of Death
Bathory · Twilight Of The Gods
Robert Johnson · Me And The Devil Blues
Abruptum · Massdöd
Electric Hellfire Club~The · Age Of Fire
Anton Szandor Lavey · Black Mass
Death SS · Black Mass
Anton Szandor Lavey · Black Mass Opening Hymn
Venom · Black Metal
Black Sabbath · Black Sabbath
Mercyful Fate · Come To The Sabbath
Ulver · Exklusive Track
Mayhem · Freezing Moon (Feat Dead)
Bobby Beausoleil · In The Temple Of The Moon
Unleashed · Into Glory Ride
J~Mick · Invocation Of My Demon Brother
Pater H. Gilmore · What Is Good?