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"Mark Reeder: Five Point One"


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Release: 2015
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Various - Mark Reeder: Five Point One 2CD + DVD

british label chief, producer and musician mark reeder is a product of what many regard as the golden age of science fiction. he grew up in an england dominated by security forces of the future with outsize heads jiggling on strings to save the world from intergalactic menaces, in hit after hit from the gerry anderson stable. he saw doctor who take his first tentative steps into the past and the future on carboard sets populated by jumble sale aliens. in cinema there was the constant threat of communist stealth attacks always from mars or the psychadelic trip that was stanley kubrick’s 2001: a space odyssey. he was fascinated by the synthetic electronic pulsations of the forbidden planet and clockwork orange soundtracks and devoured fan magazines like TV21. wobbly spaceships, cardboard robots, ray guns and bug-eyed monsters; as a child he was drawn to this sometimes quaint, sometimes ominously correct visions of the future. it should come as no surprise then that five point one, his debut compilation of remix work, should concern itself as much with modern technology as it does with music

five point one presents a ...
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