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"Maschinenfest 2007"


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This compilation is featuring tracks from all performing bands of the Maschinenfest-festival (mostly exclusive). The gatefold-cover is printed in gold on a bordeaux cardboard.
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5F-X · 6 X 10125m Isn't Correct (Sized Rmx)
Config.sys · Neue Horizonte
Detritus · P = S
Detune-X · Purevil-heartbeatmix
Synapscape · Reach Out
Vromb · Reve Tourbillion
100blumen · Techno Blume (Rmx By Yuki Tendo)
Skincage · The Eagle Has Landed
Eva 3 · Through Time And Space
This Morn' Omina · Totemism Ancient
Catholic Boys In Heavy Leather · Tube Breath
Twinkle · Un Passage Antérieur
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio · Masturbate
Ahnst Anders · Lektion 1
Keefbaker · Krefeld
Wai Pi Wai · Afterparty
Dazzling Malicious · Alice In Psycholand
Ab Ovo · Ascendance (Remix)
Scrap.edx · Blackout
Spherical Disrupted · Distance
Drumcorps · Down (Remix By The Teknoist)
Greyhound · Earthstomp
S.K.E.T · Falludja Blues
Dj Hidden · Here Lies The Confusion (Remix By Enduser)
Ah Cama-Sotz · Hymn To The Night
Ambassador 21 · In Love
Sonar · Wanting Them