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"Maschinenfest 2011"


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Release: 2011
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Various - Maschinenfest 2011 2CD

'Maschinenfest' - the festival and it's related cd editions are both legends in their own right and can you believe both have gone into their 13th annual edition in 2011? The 2011 edition of 'Maschinenfest' is widely regarded as having been one of the best ever by those who were in lucky attendance, by the way. The main strength of 'Maschinenfest' and the base of it's success has always been the ability to move along the course of time and integrate new electronic musical currents and their protagonists into it's ever-growing roster of performing artists, while always keeping in touch with it's groundwork of industrial music.

This year's edition features 'Maschinenfest' ...
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InfraRot item number:2010.135
Label's catalogue number:pflicht47
1.Geiger~Dirk · Maschinensprache 1001
2.Spherical Disrupted · Progenitor Cell
3.Ahnst Anders · What Is It?
4.Suicide Inside · Lick The Snow (Dark Waltz Remix By Sonic Area)
5.Igorrr · Squelette Reversible
6.Xabec · Rusty Army Marching
7.kirdec · To Tharsis Tholus
8.Contaminant · All Your Bugs Belong To Us
9.Empusae · Openingsdans3eq
10.Synapscape · Lobotron
11.Empath~The · Second Earth (Update 2k11)
12.Mobthrow · Mirror Killer
13.16Pad Noise Terrorist · He Met Himself (Raw State Remix)
14.Atrabilis Sunrise · Hungry For Light (Maschinenfest 2k11)
15.Näo · Illogic
16.Pankow · Save My Life (Resonance2mfest)
17.Thorofon · Merchants Of Death
18.This Morn' Omina · Asa (Ccf)
19.Needle Sharing · Pathologic States (Mf Edit)
20.Saal5 · My Rhythm
21.Wieloryb · Ramu-ki
22.Dazzling Malicious · Fucknwo
23.Schreck~Marita · Alientelefon
24.Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker · Kora (Decommission Procession Remix By TechDiff)
25.Contagious Orgasm · Sleep Sleep
26.Imminent · Reileb
27.Lustmord · Live At Norbergfestival