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"MINIMAL BABY XI (Limited Edition)"


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Release: February 2018
Status: In stock
Various - MINIMAL BABY XI (Limited Edition) 2CD

:SPECIAL EDITION: 2CD 25 bands carton box , exlusive material only for this compilation, handnumb. and limited to total 100 copies.

Info: A new great compilation with special and different mix of minimal electronic, cold synth wave, post punk and more newcomers from germany , france, mexico, japan, sweden, usa, & the netherlands !

Genre: Minimal, New Wave, Synth, Retro, Flexi Pop, Robotic, Cold Wave, 80's, Punk
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1.Adan & Ilse - Sun King (Demo Version)
2.Anesthetic - Void [Extended Italo Mix]
3.Christian Zander - Großandrang Am Rodelhang
4.Cold Storm - Photographic (Demo Mix)
5.Das Auge - 197-15
6.Echo West - Hipster Apocalypse 3.3
7.Finnscher - Waterpath
8.Imiafan - Legy A Falon
9.Kristopher Bernard - A Devil With The Face Of A Woman
10.Mode In Gliany - Ton Plus Cruel Souvenir
11.Night Caller - Metal Mouth
12.Plainholz - Door
13.Rare Kid Experience - 1981
14.Ståltråd - Löneslav
15.Sun Moon And Sun - Fils De Dieu
16.The Rorschach Garden - Frontiers
17.Too Late For Tears - Bald
18.Werner Karloff - Information (Single Edit)
19.Finnscher - Train
20.Imiafan - Strawberry Dream
21.Imiafan - Toothpaste 2011
22.Modein Gliany - Encorde De Jour
23.Plainholz - Erste Und Zwei
24.Rare Kid Experience - Electric Stars
25.Werner Karloff - Hot Oil