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"Minimal.Synth.Wave Vol.3"

13LP + 4x Single/7"


Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Various - Minimal.Synth.Wave Vol.3 13LP + 4x Single/7

This is the third in a series of 12 or 13Lp-Box-Sets covering a wide range of 80’s Minimal- Synth and Wave-music from the 80’s. Some well known bands, some less familiar but a superb and pleasant surprise and a great mix in styles and content

This Volume contains the following artists/bands.

PORTION CONTROL (2 x LP) DOKUMENT (1 x LP) ROB VAN WIJNGAARDEN / (HEAVY) MENTAL (1 x LP) GARRY BRADBURY (2 x LP) plus 7"inch TI-THO (1 x LP) plus 7"inch IRSOL (1 x LP) ZEPHYR IN THE SWAMP (1 x LP) THE TOY SHOP (1 x LP) plus 7"inch ART INTERFACE (2 x LP) CACOPHONY '33' (1 x LP) plus 7"inch
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