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"Miwak Twelve"


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Release: 2009
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Various - Miwak Twelve 2CD

33 Tracks von 33 bekannten und neuen Künstlern des Hymen Records Labels - incl. Somatic Responses, Tonikom, Black Lung, Architect, Hecq, Ginormous, Snog, Keef Baker, Marching Dynamics, Orphx... Erscheint im Deluxe 6-panel Gatefold Sleeve!
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InfraRot item number:2004.283
Label's catalogue number:y777
1.Empath~The · At The Heart Of It All
2.Slam52 · Frosd
3.Somatic Responses · Takayama (Another Rainy Day)
4.Millipede · Concevoir (Gaztheque Remix By Aphorism)
5.Defrag · The Old Growth
6.Tonikom · The Source
7.Nebulo · Sunurb
8.Deru · Between You And Me
9.Black Lung · The Hostmen Of Tyne
10.Lowfish · Wreckage
11.HPC · Phoenix
12.Access To Arasaka · Xt10.20zp9
13.Architect · Awake
14.Dryft · Vector Step (Elimination)
15.Hecq · Sleep Through The Day
16.Combustion · Building The House Of Vanity (Feat. Caro Roth)
17.Ginormous · Arrive With Eyes Ablaze
18.Snog · The End Of The World
19.Crunch · Karot (Vent Remix)
20.Mad EP · Breakstuff (Feat. Bryce Beverlin II.)
21.Keef Baker · Sacrifice
22.Blackfilm · Se5
23.Pflum~Karsten · Capstone Switch
24.ABS6 · Premiers Traitements
25.Wisp · The Bard (Postlude)
26.Chassagnard~Jerome · Timeless Travelers
27.Goedrijk~Mika · Sore Eyes
28.Marching Dynamics · Almighty Bomb
29.Orphx · Intercession (Edit)
30.Bit Shifter · Easy Prey
31.Dead Hollywood Stars · Back In Town
32.End · Jailbait Rock
33.Twenty Knives · Royal Vomitorium