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"New Dark Age Vol. 4"


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Release: 2006
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Various - New Dark Age Vol. 4 2CD

Neben den teils fest etablierten, teils neuentdeckten Bands tummeln sich unter anderem auch exklusive Songs und bis dato unveröffentlichtes Material.
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Last Days Of Jesus · 1001101:The Weekend (Yusuf Edit)
Nim Vind · Outsiders
Elusive · Ride
Scarlet's Remains · Sacrifice
Tragic Black · Skeleton Kiss (Rip Mix)
Pins And Needles · Specimen
Voices Of Masada · Step Down (Libitina Iron Awe Mix)
Malaise · This Is For A Friend
A Spectre Is Haunting Europe · This Old Oscillator
Redemption · Times Like These (Club Mix)
Murder At The Registry · To Some Angels
Curious · Trill B
Pink Turns Blue · True Love (Strobelight Mix)
Zadera · Venom
Reptyle · Where I Come From
Violet Stigmata · Will You?
Thatch Noir · Wizbong
Deadfly Ensemble~The · Zaz Zuh Zaz
Hysteric Helen · Only Myself (Strobelight Mix)
Frustration · On The Rise
All Gone Dead · On The Rise
Screaming For Emily · A Dry Year
Clan Of Xymox · Calling You Out
Zombina And The Skeletones · Counting On Your Suicide
Monozid · Erstens
Golden Apes · Ferryman
16's · Figurative Character (Edit)
Human Disease · Flesh For A Doll
Purnama · Friggavisur
La Mamoyna · I Stand Alone
Shadow Reichenstein · It's Halloween
Trans-Active Nightzone · Keep On The Dragon (Strobelight Mix)
The Guilty Party · Lapse
Wermut · Lucia's Song
Miguel And The Living Dead · Lycantropia
Weegs~The · M.I.A.
All Gone Dead · Newspeak (Room 101)
Other~The · Ode To Darkness
Scarlet And The Spooky Spiders · Zombie Werewolf