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"Pagan Love Songs Vol. 2"


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Release: 2009
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Various - Pagan Love Songs Vol. 2 2CD

Once again the "Pagan Love Songs"-founders and DJ-brothers R.a.l.f and Thomas Thyssen compiled a packed double-CD set with 36 tracks and nearly 160 minutes of the finest in Gothic Rock, Post Punk, Death Rock and Minimal Wave music.

The breathtaking artwork of the compilation was again designed - like the first volume - by Disturbanity, a unique German artist who has also been working for Fliehende Stürme, Frank The Baptist etc. in the past.

"Pagan Love Songs" Antitainment Compilation Vol. 2 features exclusive tracks or mixes of many different bands.
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InfraRot item number:2004.729
Label:Alice In
Label's catalogue number:AIW 160
1.Screaming Marionettes · Like Christabel (12")
2.Shock Therapy · Pain
3.Rubella Ballet · Tangled Web
4.Lucie Cries · Le Talisman De La Muse
5.Fangs On Fur · Fangs On Fur
6.Twisted Nerve · Seance (2007)
7.Grooving In Green · Cat's Or Devil's Eyes (2009 Mix)
8.Lichtblick · Intensivstation
9.Clair Obscur · Toundra (In Paris 1984) [Live]
10.Solemn Novena · Faerytale
11.Dream Disciples · Pray
12.Joy Disaster · Remember The Time
13.Gestalt · Le Sommeil Du Singe
14.Love Like Blood · Out Of Sight
15.L'Enfance Eternelle · Les Larmes De Sang
16.Voices Of Masada · Looking Back (Stanton Hall Remix)
17.Shallow Graves~The · The Field Of Love (Jessica's Ascension Remix)
18.Eden House~The · To Believe In Something (2xT Mix)
19.Benediction · Crowded Room
20.Fliehende Stürme · Satellit
21.Exedra · Calling In My Head
22.Frustration · No Trouble
23.Cancer Barrack · King Death
24.Varsovie · Lenengrad (2006)
25.Every New Dead Ghost · Visions (7")
26.Charles De Goal · Decadence
27.BFG · Anonymous
28.Exploding Boy~The · Heart Of Glass
29.Ikon · Echoes Of Silence (2009)
30.Pretentious Moi · Malina
31.This Burning Effigy · An Untold Release
32.Little Nemo · City Lights (13 Version)
33.Remain In Silence · Hope In Fear
34.Ian Boddy · Living In A Ritual
35.Arnaud Lazlaud · Les Invisibles
36.For Against · Amen Yves (Original Version)