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"Respect The Prime: The Vinyl (Limited Edition)"


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Release: January 2021
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Various - Respect The Prime: The Vinyl (Limited Edition) LP

Limited Edition vinyl release contains 12 tracks inspired by the 1986 Transformer animation movie. After the enormous success of the Respect the Prime:1986 Revisited CD, Distortion Productions has decided to take it one step further. We are proud to release Respect the Prime:The Vinyl. This release will include the first 12 tracks from the original Respect the Prime CD completely remastered for vinyl by Submersible Studios. This album will come is a gorgeous gatefold jacket with mind blowing artwork by IDW Comics' own Casey W. Coller and design by Jason Wolf. But that is not all. This release will be strictly limited to 300 copies which will be split into 150 AUTOBOT RED and 150 DECEPTICON PURPLE. Previously only available at Transformers conventions and the Coldwaves Festival. The Respect the Prime project has been successful in contributing to Electronic Saviors' massive 71k donation to cancer research. For those not in the know, Respect the Prime is a massive tribute to the Transformers:The Movie Soundtrack from 1986. Comes in AUTOBOT RED and DECEPTICON PURPLE vinyl! Artwork by IDW Comics' own Casey W. Coller and design by Jason Wolf Vinyl version of the highly successful Respect the Prime:1986 Revisited CD! Originally released as a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the release of the original Transformers animated movie Part of the Electronic Saviors (Industrial Music to Cure Cancer) series that has raise over 71k for cancer research. For fans of the Transformers Animated series!
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1.Xenturion Prime Featuring Truls Haugen - The Touch
2.Deathproof Featuring Red Lokust - Instruments Of Destruction
3.Thoughtform - Death Of Optimus Prime
4.The Dark Clan - Dare
5.Ghostfeeder - Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way
6.Am.psych - The Transformers (Theme)
7.Later Humans - Escape
8.Bella Morte - Hunger
9.Victor Love - Autobot/decepticon Battle
10.Caustic - Dare To Be Stupid
11.Boxed Warning - Unicron Medley
12.Everything Goes Cold - Cold-Moon Base 2 - Shuttle Launch