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"TF Rocks"


Release: 2006
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Various - TF Rocks CD

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1.Blind Passsengers · Forgotten Years
2.Lost Heaven · Falling Angel
3.Glasscage · Emptiness
4.Page~Nik · Herzschlag
5.Black Sparx · On Fire
6.Bad Habitz · Stop Here
7.Mutate Now! · Mutate Now
8.Cromax International7Shark Attack
9.Soda · Kuscheltier
10.Schniposa · Körperhy-Genie
11.Bauschaum · Eiszeit
12.Barbudos:movement · So Viel In Dir
13.Panopticon · Panopticon
14.Thumb Down · Pigs For The Slaughter
15.Songs Of Lemuria · Dein Kuss
16.Noxx~Sara · Society
17.Gym Hardcore · Let Your Body Talk
18.Lola Angst · Am I Dead ??