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"Thanateros - Visions Of Love & Death"


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Release: 2011
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Various - Thanateros - Visions Of Love & Death 2CD

This compilation is dedicated to the morbid erotic photo art of Helmut Wolech, one of the true Vienna underground icons. His work was extensively featured in the German magazine :Ikonen:, on artwork by Belphegor and Allerseelen. The bands selected for this project share either a strong connection with Helmut's artistic topics - namely the mingling of Love & Death (thus 'Thanateros' - thanatos meets eros) - or are related to the artist or the magazine in a friendly manner. CD one (Love) features the melodic and folky songs, CD two (Death) focuses on the more nasty and bleak stuff.

Both sides are present in Helmut's work, playful yet dark and haunting. The CD includes a 16-pages-booklet.
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InfraRot item number:2009.214
Label:Ikonen Media
Label's catalogue number:ikon05
1.Golgatha · Broken Blossom (Exclusive)
2.Wakeford~Tony · A Kracow Mourning (Exclusive Mix)
3.Sonne Hagal · Love Is A Sickness
4.Apatheia · Temple Of Oaks (Exclusive)
5.Sieben · Floating (Darkhearted Remix)
6.Derniere Volonte · La Fete Est Fini (Exclusive Mix)
7.Naevus · Larvicide (Exclusive)
8.Nauthiz~Jera · Lydia (Exclusive)
9.Stolen Flowers · The Last Winter (Exclusive)
10.Aeterna · Secrets Of The Heart
11.Sub Luna · Flow East (Exclusive)
12.Kentin Jivek · What If (Exclusive Mix)
13.Werkraum · The Lore Of The Great Fortune (Exclusive)
14.King~Andrew · Young Sailor Bold (The Rich Merchant And His Daughter) (Exclusive)
15.Golgatha · Secret Rose (Exclusive)
16.Vortex · In The Void (Exclusive Mix)
17.Coph Nia · All My Filth
18.Dawn & Dusk Entwined · Like A Prey At Mercy (Exclusive)
19.Negru Voda · The Djoruba Virus (Feat. Plague Machinery) (H1N1 Edit)
20.Isomer · Mourn (Version)
21.Bleed · Breeches (Helmut Mix)
22.Orkester~Kristoffer Nystroms · Vulgalina Fever (Edit)
23.Ra~Mink M. · Benath The Skin (Exclusive)
24.Trail~The · Redemption (Edit)
25.Arkane · Sirens, Seductresses Of Love And Death (Exclusive Mix)
26.Satori · Entity (Spectral Mix)
27.Fuckhead · Transition (Exclusive)
28. · Algor Mortis (Exclusive)
29.Verney 1826 · Aedicula: Lararium (Exclusive)