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"The Anna Logue Years 2005-2010"



Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
Various - The Anna Logue Years 2005-2010 2CD

Anna has carefully selected one track from each release ANNA 001 to ANNA 030, therefore including tracks from Camera Obscura - 'Circular Waves', 'Moving the Mercury' and 'Strange Faces (2006)', Sleep Museum - 'Stress' and 'Underground Maneuvers', The Silicon Scientist - 'Oceans of Green' and 'Snowflakes' and many more.

As if it wasn't already enough, Anna adds three previously unreleased tracks to the list: the very rare and sought-after 1983 track 'Village of Stars' by Camera Obscura, the new track 'Operators' by The Silicon Scientist, as well as finally a new sign of life from the Twins Natalia who contribute 'Destiny'.

Therefore not simply a label compilation, and also useful as a nice entry into Anna's world or into the world of early 80's analogue electro pop, minimal electronics, minimal synth, minimal wave, electro, NDW and dark wave in general. Drawings by Érick Moncollin (ADN' Ckrystall). Mastering by Stefan Bornhorst (The Silicon Scientist). Sleeve by Steve.
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InfraRot item number:2006.750
Label:Anna Logue Records
Label's catalogue number:ANNA 031
1.Camera Obscura · Circular Waves
2.Camera Obscura · Moving The Mercury
3.Sleep Museum · Stress
4.Sleep Museum · Underground Maneuvers
5.Silicon Scientist~The · Oceans Of Green
6.Camera Obscura · Strange Faces (2006)
7.Cultural Amnesia · Materialistic Man
8.Design · Fashion & Seduction
9.Boys Du Severe · Mondmädchen
10.Chain Of Command · Honour Amongst Thieves
11.New Shiny Things · Changing Colors
12.Sudeten Creche · Glorious Treason
13.Adn' Ckrystall · Gigolo Gigolette
14.Poeme Electronique · The Echoes Fade (Remix)
15.Monuments · Herz Von Samt
16.Car Crash Set · Fall From Grace
17.Twins Natalia · When We Were Young
18.Spöön Fazer · Rising Sun
19.Sonnenbrandt · Diskolied
20.Dilemma · Christmas Measure 88
21.Hands Of Cain~The · The Dagger In Me
22.Stranger Station · Minutes To Silence
23.Carmody · Messengers Of Love
24.Silicon Scientist~The · Snowflakes
25.Poeme Electronique · Rendezvous
26.Lisfrank · It's Life
27.Delayscape · Mars Control
28.Chromagain · Killing Dome
29.Intelligence Dept. · Too Late To Love
30.Chambers~Paul · Steering Solo
31.Camera Obscura · Village Of Stars
32.Silicon Scientist~The · Operators
33.Twins Natalia · Destiny