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"The forme to the fynisment foldes ful selden: Dark Britannica IV"



Release: September 2020
Status: Sold out
Various - The forme to the fynisment foldes ful selden: Dark Britannica IV 2CD

Style: Dark Folk. 13 years after the release of 'John Barleycorn Reborn: Dark Britannica', here comes the Final ‘Dark Folk Britannica’ compilation. A constant theme throughout these releases has been the cyclical nature of time and the seasons, and the relationship of mankind to the natural environment, with recurrent references to John Barleycorn, personification of the harvest. 32 tracks from the cream of current dark British Folk music. Of special note, PETER ULRICH (DEAD CAN DANCE) created an exclusive track especially for this collection: 'Lammas Dance'.
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Label:Cold Spring
1.Winterfylleth - 'æcerbot Iii'
2.Sol-De-Muerte - 'bismerch My Name'
3.Finglebone - 'befuddled'
4.Tim Lane - 'shadow Song (Acoustic)'
5.Soldat - 'no One / No Body'
6.The Familiars - 'the Shaming Of Agnes Leman'
7.The Sound Of Antler - 'niewe Tsorg'
8.Beau - 'the Roses Of Eyam'
9.Perkelt - 'ailein Duinn'
10.A Tiding Of Magpies - 'oaklands'
11.C J Mann & Becky Sharp - 'fine Lines'
12.Thornland - 'moonlight'
13.Larynx And Claw - 'lone Kimono'
14.My Silent Wake - 'light And Shadows'
15.Peleser - 'from The Horse's Mouth'
16.Robert Pitcher - 'the Golden Hair Of Maria Orsic (Part Two Csv 6116)'
17.Peter Ulrich - 'lammas Dance'
18.Sedaynelore - 'a Country Life'
19.Wolcensmen - 'shield And Spear'
20.Brocc - 'call Of The Wild Woods'
21.Venereum Arvum - 'dragon Hills'
22.Sixpenny Wayke - 'madron Well'
23.Alex Monk - 'ilud Tempus'
24.The Psychogeographical Commission - 'fires Of London'
25.Silver Of World Union - 'the Crossing'
26.Sand Snowman (Featuring Moonswift) - 'samhain Rain - Arise'
27.Tim Lane & Hayley Evenett - 'gallows Song'
28.Sunshine Coding - 'we Build A Pyre'
29.Coma Wall - 'summer'
30.Jo Beth Young - 'rabbit Eyes'
31.Nathaniel Mann - 'whip Crack Away'
32.Ignis Astrifer - 'eldorado'