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"The Old Europa Café 25th Anniversary Box"


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Release: 2008
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This compilation was in the planning and in the making since early 2007, for the occasion of the 25th OEC anniversary. In order to celebrate the label and all the work done in all these years, not less than 101 artists, groups, projects that were, are or will be involved in one or another way with Old Europa Café, have been invited to submit a track for this amazing Box. The 7 CDs and 101 Tracks included are therefore all exclusive, previously unreleased tracks or versions and nowhere else to be found! A true Old Europa Café soundtrack and one of the most amazing projects in the industrial scene for at least 25 years. The Tracklist is a real 'who is who' of the worldwide Industrial-, Neo-Folk- and Ambient scene and you can have all this for a very special price!
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.A Challenge Of Honour · Iberia
2.Aesthetic Meat Front · Twilight In Berlin
3.Ain Soph · Tra Le Rovine
4.Albireon · Un Cavallo Senza Nome (Sonne Hagal Cover)
5.Pacciani~Alessandro · The Colour Of The Human Ashes
6.All My Faith Lost · Septembre 1871
7.Argine · Risveglio
8.Artefactum · The Night Waltz In Vienna
9.Asianova · Trieste
10.Astro · Old European Son
11.Autopsia · Fragment II (Feat. K. Rossmann)
12.Bad Sector · Old Europa On Air
13.Beyond Sensory Experience · Fadren
14.Black Sun Productions · Gegen Verfuehrung / Grande Inno Di Ringraziamento
15.Bleiburg · Europa Heartbeat
16.Camerata Mediolanense · Guillotine [Live]
17.Circus Joy · Signora Europa
18.Claustrum · Penitential
19.Renou~Christian · U-rop Impress (Heavy Version)
20.Cropcircle · The Balkan Doll Will Never Grow
21.D.B.P.I.T. · Lili Marlene
22.E. Williams~David · Erlkönig
23.Dawn & Dusk Entwined · Occident
24.Dead Man's Hill · Parc Abbey / The Heverlee Lakes
25.Deutsch Nepal · The Lonely Coming Down
26.Discordance · Jokela, Finland
27.Division S · Further Knowledge
28.Dogs Hate Monet · In This Dream
29.Dream Weapon Ritual · Excerpt Fromt He Mysteries Of E
30.Egida Aurea · L'ardente Fiaccola Della Ragione
31.Folkstorm · United Under A Black Sun Of Utmost Splendour
32.Foreign Trade · With You
33.Foresta Di Ferro · Europe Greets The Storm
34.Furvus · Evropa
35.Gerechtigkeitsliga · Controlled Europe
36.Grey Wolves~The · Decapitation Zone (Euro Carve Up)
37.GX Jupitter-Larsen · Norge Om Polybolge
38.H.E.R.R. · A Newer Rome (2007 Version)
39.Horologium · European Macht Muzik Sua Firma
40.Hybryds · Resistance (Old Europa Mix)
41.Jerome Deppe & Gentlemen Oscura · Song For Nero
42.K. Meizter · Prypiat
43.Kallabris · Holzweg, Scherzo For Scandinavian Wood...
44.Kenji Siratori · Crusade 2007
45.Knifeladder · Warsaw, 4pm
46.Lark Blames · Small Cars