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"Transmission Wave-West 80-91"


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Release: 2016
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Various - Transmission Wave-West 80-91 CD

After few months of silence and even more of work, Infrastition is proud to announce a brand new Volume in the successful ‘Transmission’ compilation series: Wave-West 80-91 – entirerly dedicated to the French scene of Brittany (Bretagne). 18 tracks from the Northwest of France with some of the best bands in Cold Wave! The tracklist has been compiled by Olivier Lechevestrier [long term technician and manager for TRISOMIE 21] and the introducing text was written by Alain Maneval, one of the most respected music journalist on French Radio- and TV who first introduced lots of alternative acts to the French audience since the 80s.
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1.Brume · Un Visage Sans Vie
2.Bunter Guillaume · La Victoire Est Obligatoire
3.Cet Hyvers · Contradiction
4.Complot Bronswick · A Chaque Instant
5.Dominic Sonic · When My Tears Run Cold
6.End Of Data · Dans Votre Monde
7.Evening Legions · Your Dimension
8.Frakture · Nagasakind - Version 2011
9.Franz Kultur · Ultime Atome
10.Les Nus · Joli Tango
11.Marc Seberg · Quelque Chose, Noir
12.Marquis De Sade · Final Fog (Brouillard Définitif)
13.Octobre · Acteurs
14.Private Jokes · Madrid
15.Senso · L'océan (Ne Sera Pas La Fin) - Démo
16.Grief~The · Dissas
17.Ubik · Get No B Side For Mr Hyde Dj
18.Warsaw Pact · I Want A Photograph