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"World Of Gothica"


Release: 2008
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Various - World Of Gothica 2CD

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InfraRot item number:2009.080
1.Theatre Of Tragedy · Superdrive
2.After Forever · Energize Me
3.Deathstars · Cyanide
4.To Die For · Immortal Love
5.Epica · Never Enough
6.Goldseed · Reflection
7.Therion · To Mega Therion
8.Sirenia · The Other Side
9.Darkseed · Fall Whatever Falls
10.Evereve · Redemption
11.Tapping The Vein · Beautiful
12.Subway To Sally · Sieben
13.Amorphis · House Of Sleep
14.Samael · Slavocracy
15.Echoes Of Eternity · Voices In A Dream
16.Agathodaimon · Solitude
17.Withered Beauty · He Who Comes With The Dawn
18.Dismal Euphony · Shine For Me, Misery
19.Madrigal · Taint Of Shame
20.Kovenant~The · New World Order
21.Sculpture · Why
22.Orphanage · The Stain Remains