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"World Wide Electronics Vol. 1"


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Release: 2011
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Various - World Wide Electronics Vol. 1 CD

For the first instalment of his compilation-series 'World Wide Electronics', Suicide Commando-mastermind Johan van Roy has gathered together the best Harsh-Electro-newcomers from the depths of the World Wide Web.

While bands like C-Lekktor or Reaxion Guerrilla should ring a bell with insiders, there is also lots of fresh blood on this infernal disc. To add to the fun, the disc also features three collaborations of master van Roy himself with newcomer bands, thus making this sonic slaughter-fest a must-own for Suicide Commando-fans. But aficionados of Hocico and Agonoize and anyone with an open ear for new, hard, electronic sounds will definitely want to add this to their collection, as well.

17 hefty club tracks with a total playing time of more than one hour at the price of a CD-single!
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Asphyxia · I Know You Hate Me
2.Betamorphose · In The Name Of God
3.C-Lekktor · World Of Fantasy (Mekaniszmo Remix)
4.Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket · Missbraucht (Feat. Suicide Commando)
5.Controlled Collapse · Prisoner (Dark Mix)
6.Terrolokaust · God Loves The Violence
7.VProject · Warlord
8.Ginger Snap 5 · Ginger Girl
9.Vyrophage · Beyond The Clouds (Feat. Suicide Commando)
10.Nano Infect · Fall Asleep
11.Project Rotten · Embraced By Flames
12.Infact · Remember
13.Reaxion Guerrilla · Psycho Destruxion (Feat. Suicide Commando)
14.Mildreda · The Parting (Alpha Version)
15.Xperiment · The End Of An Era
16.Detroit Diesel · Normandy (D-day Mix)
17.Breathe · Mit Deiner Haut