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Veil Of Light

"Front Teeth"


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Release: December 2018
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Veil Of Light - Front Teeth CD

The Swiss Zürich-based act comes back with their third full-length recording.Not even one year after their latest Ursprung LP, Veil Of Light give us ten new songs that mark quite a change of direction.The black&white artwork of their previous releases is gone to give space to one bold, full-colour look. The guitar-driven shoegaze-oriented fuzzy sounds of past records make way for a new focus on the Electronic, Industrial Synth, EBM-Wave spectrum. Check out the opener Your Love with its throbbing synths and mechanical drumming, or the pressing minimal-wave of Soul In Ethanol; again, Sturm Und Drang's pounding industrial dance and Body To The Ceiling's doom electronics.A new wave of New Wave is here and Veil Of Light are showing the way.

Elegant 4-side Digipak limited to 200
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1.Your Love
2.Soul In Ethanol
3.Cut Fingers
4.Sturm Und Drang
5.Cut Out Your Name
6.Soft Palate
7.Bridges Of God
8.Body To The Ceiling
9.Under A Sun That Never Sets
10.Fight Fire With Fire