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Veil Of Light

"Landslide (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2021
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Veil Of Light - Landslide (Limited Edition) LP

Genre: Coldwave, Industrial, Synth Pop, Body Music. Limited edition of 300 copies 2020 has been one rough ride for everyone, forcing us all to review what we thought was normal and maybe, one would argue, even our priorities. Two years have passed since their previous Inflict LP and we don't really know how what recently happened impacted on the band's mastermind Michael but what’s sure is that Veil Of Light are now a fully grown-up band. Landslide is their fifth full-length (and their third on Avant!) and it’s definitely their most elaborated album. Ten new songs, rather than the usual eight, with a perfect balance of Coldwave-inspired intimate atmosphere and synthpop catchy melodies. Musically speaking it's still clear where the Swiss duo draws their influences from, right in between New Order’s moodiness and The Klinik trying one softer, less brutal approach to their Electro. But a new sense of privacy is reflected all through these new tracks, enhanced by lyrics now more personal than ever. “The Prayer Wheel” is a page torn out of a private diary, “Love and Money” is a mechanical mantra for a no-way-out situation; “Suburban War” is a confession of defeat whispered at night, “No Return” is the last dance before reaching the point of. This is the kind of record that takes its time, and takes its toll, we just need to sit down and listen because there's much to discover. RIYL: Depeche Mode, New Order, Naked Eyes, Lust for Youth, Black Marble.
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1.A1. Why
2.A2. The Prayer Wheel
3.A3. Love And Money
4.A4. Suburban War
5.A5. Landslide
6.B1. No Return
7.B2. Fright
8.B3. Passing By
9.B4. Circling Thoughts
10.B5. Nothing Was Wrong